Friend in Need

Last month my husband's office colleague met with an accident while riding his motorbike. Fortunately he didn't suffer serious injuries. When we went to see him at the hospital, he asked if we knew of any good law firm who could take motorbike accident claims case. At this point, we just could stop smiling in spite of the grim situation.
Actually, two years back both me and my husband were involved in a motorbike accident. Our bike crashed when we were going on a long drive. It was 14th February, and my husband, being an incurable romantic, suggested that we leave our daughter with friends and go on a long drive. The moment we went off the city route, a car suddenly came out of nowhere,charging right at us. My husband tried to steer from the road, but the car still managed to hit the bumper before vanishing. There were drunken revelers in the car who didn't bother to look if we were injured and needed help.
Later a kind old man in a BMW s aw us and called for help.My husband got a fracture in collar bone and had to be hospitalized for a week.One of our friends suggested this company which coversmotorbike injury claims. The company assured us that we won't be charged any fee if we didn't win the injury claims. But we didn't face that problem, as their put our case so efficiently that not only did we get a replacement for our bike, we got the full claim which was our due.
So now obviously my husband recommended this company to his colleague.