Do You Bingo?

When we were staying in Edinburgh, we often used to visit M&S factory outlet and pound plus near Milton street. There was a Bingo bar too and ladies used to puff cigarretts outside it. I had my first introduction to Bingo at that time. One day,out of curiosity, I asked one of the ladies standing outside about the bingo thing. she offered me to show how it works and I went inside.

Later when I got hooked to bingo, I started looking for online options and came across goodbonusguide.com. Its not a bingo site, but a guide that lists various bingo sites. For example the site has compiled a list of Paypal bingo sites. These are that sites which accept payment through paypal. Which is very useful to me as I don't have credit or debit card ( unbelievable but true) and have only paypal for online transactions.

Goodbonusguide.com has some other useful articles. One of them is about no deposit bingo bonus sites. These are the sites which don't require you to pay beforehand for the trial play. The terms and conditions vary for different sites and that's mentioned too.