Beat the Bad Credit

Today I chanced upon an interesting site which is somewhat of an expert in fixing bad credit, and opening a new window of fresh air for you. In this season of bad credits, one tries all solutions till one is forced back to the wall and take extreme steps. This site is there for your credit repair.
There are hundreds, may be thousands of sites claiming to repair bad credit, so what's different about this site?The thing that attracted me towards this site is their credentials. They have got a fully legal license from the state of Texas as well as a Fair Credit Reporting Act Certification from Consumer Data Industry Association. This shows that they are genuine.
The site provides free credit report evaluation and the credit report information is also provided free of cost.All you have to do is fill out a simple online form.
The site is based on the personal experiences of the owner Doug Parker in bad credit settling how to get a "clean" credit report.