Get Real Estate Education Online

Today I am going to write a review about an online real estate education site, which is called Nouveau Riche. The name struck me very off beat for an online education site. We generally come across XYZ real estate online course or something similar. On second thoughts, the name befits the site. After all real estate business is all about making profits by riding on the booming real estate market. And Nouveau Riche teaches you how to hone your skills for a business in real estate. The site has course capsules both for the established a well as budding entrepreneurs.

Sometimes we feel the need to brush up our knowledge or keep up with the trends in the industry. But our business commitments and time constraints don’t allow us to physically attend the class.
A quick peek into the courses provided by the Nouveau Riche University:

Bookkeeping: The students are taught the basics of bookkeeping through quickbook software. They have to download the software. Here they learn how to keep track of the various transactions.

Building your team: This course teaches different ways of building a good working team to make a flourishing real estate business.

Landlording: This capsule runs for six hours and tells you different plans to make the most out of your rental property.

Computer Property Analysis: Students get to learn how to use internet to their advantage in building a solid and successful real estate business.

These are just a few of the courses; more than forty courses are available which you can enroll, according to your requirement.

Elephant painting a Self Portrait

What an amazing video, where an elephant is making a painting. We had heard of chimpanzee turning into a painter, but this elephant is truly amazing.This painting elephant has drawn a self portrait. I was watching animal videos with my daughter, when I came across this video.

The Best Celebrity Coordination Company

While surfing the net for celebrity news, I came across this site which is a one stop shop for getting celebrity bookings. The company has an experience of over two decades in providing the celebrity service. They not only do celebrity booking, but also arrange for celebrity endorsements for non profit and charity causes.
Celebrities increase the attraction quotient of any program, many celebrities are instant hit with the crowds. People are attracted toward media icons like movie stars, players, and even politicians. Celebrity presence is very useful to boost a new business or company.So getting them to attend your event is definitely going to make your event a success. They can be roped in to do ads for you, speak or just make an appearance at an event, become a spokesperson for your company, act in your company's promotional video etc.
Then how to contact a celebrity, or find them. Here step in the celebrity service, which connects you to the celebrity of your choice and makes all the arrangements like, signing the contract, setting the date and getting the celebrity to the event.
Celebrity coordination is an exciting but not an easy task, and needs lots of good contacts, credibility and charm to excel in the field of celebrity coordination.

Getting a Good Trade Show Display

Last time Ella was in town, she told me about this company which is doing display
for her crafts exhibits in the upcoming trade show in Florida in July. I am impressed. They have made booth design for citigroup's New York office. They even provided show-ehibits for Olympus in a camera world exhibition and did the in-store displays for famous watch brand Cartier. That says a lot about the company.
Trade show displays can be used as an effect tool to increase the sales of your products. An eye catching and attractive booth will definitely appeal to more visitors and that will more profit conversion rate.
A good trade show display is a blend of superb photographs, graphics, your product or company logo and an innovative display counter. Don’t hoard up your exhibit with hundreds of photos, which will confuse the visitors and divert their attention from your product. Instead, choose six seven large photos or images. The company logo should cover the entire length of your booth, and one should be able to see it from a long distance.
You should try to develop new designs for your product display for every trade show that you attend. Remember, the crowd may be different in different cities, but the industry bigwigs do the rounds of every trade show. So you must cater to the general public as well as prospective business alliances through your displays.

Can We Compare NHS with Indian Health Care System?

I had an appointment at Surgery for NHS registration. We reached there early so had to wait. Then the nurse couldn't find our forms, which we had submitted earlier. She herself went to the file room to check where the files are kept. She still couldn't find them, so she brought another form and filled another form for us.
I was naturally comparing the NHS to Indian Health care system back home. If such a situation arose there, then what would have happened?
First, the nurse would tell me to fetch the forms my self. I go down, the receptionist would tell me to come later ( she is having a tea, or just talking to another nurse). I go back again after a while,. They can't find the file, I get the answer. I go back to the first nurse, she tells me ( rudely) that she won't do my check up until she gets the form. I keep running from one office to another room for days and even months. If someone in my family falls sick, They can't be treated till we all get registered.
That will be the scenario.
One can give the argument of UK being a scarcely populated country in comparison to India's mammoth population. I also gave thought the same way. But then you have to look it at from another angle. Do we give respect to others if we are in a position of authority or power? A nurse, a clerk, a doctor, a sub inspector, an SP, nobody is willing to do their job, or help you out when you go to them as simple citizen. Everything can't be blamed on Indian bureaucracy or red tape. It's the attitude of people and their mindset that should change.

Bed and Breakfast hotels in Paris

There is a new site for bookings in Paris Hotels.The site has a very cute and useful map of Paris. All the three airports and the roadways are clearly mentioned.In most of the Paris maps, Oorly airport is missing, though most of the low cost airlines fly in and out of Oorly. All the tourist attractions are drawn neatly. I would have like to present the map here.......Let me see if my snapshot is working or not.( my laptop doesn't have a prt screen key)..........Ok I have found the software and here is the Paris map for you, but you will get the real map is much more fantastic than this, so you may want to visit the site to have a look.
The site itself is very basic and provide a form where you fill up information about the dates and number of people going on the trip.You can get information about Paris bed and breakfast hotels.There is a lot of additional information is included, such as if the hotel provides parking, breakfast,airconditioning,fan,private bathroom etc.

Students Choose IIMs Over Harvard

Harvard Beware! More and more students in West are considering opting for IIMs> over Harvard or Wharton. Their programs are comparatively easy on the pocket. Two-year MBA at IIMs costs just $7,500 for Indians and $22,000 for foreigners, compared to an MBA at Harvard which costs about $138,000.IIM Ahemdabad has the reputation of being the toughest business school in the world to get into.IIM grads are getting butter laced offers too.British Bank Barclays Capital regularly hires IIM students.
But to be fair, there are several regions in which foreign B-schools come out winners. Any company-whether foreign or domestic-will have a bias towards foreign B-schools. And this will be true even if the foreign institution is not among the top 10 B-schools.Even though the caliber of the faculties in Indian B-schools is equal to if not more than those in US institutions, the overall experience of interacting with a global
student body, opportunity to intern over the summer in an area of choice and the extra curricular initiatives in US B-schools is many notches above India.

Interesting Facts about Beer

My husband is a fan of Foster's beer. Simply, because this brand is always on sale or at discount whenever we visit the supermarket. He generally likes to down beer while watching rugby or football matches at home. I am not very fond of his beer love, but I don't show my dislike though. He comes home after a day's hard work, and he has a right to enjoy the way he wants to.
So I thought that of giving him a surprise. I got him a membership of an online beer of the month club. This club sends you a package which includes beer of the month, a newsletter called beer expeditions, and various discounts on the beer. I think it is a good idea to join one of these
beer clubs, because then you don't have the need to horde up stacks of beer cans during the discount season, these clubs regularly provide that.
Now some interesting facts about beer, I am sure you will enjoy reading them as much as my husband did :)
- The most expensive beer in the world is named after the famous Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen.
-King Gambrinus is the patron saint of beer. He introduced the tradition of the toast.
- The consumption of beer is more than twenty gallons per year per person in
- Beer comes next to tea in popular drinks category.
- In ancient times, fasting monks were allowed to drink beer, that's why there were lots of breweries in many monasteries.
- The term berserk means without shirt and its origin is attributed to Vikings, who would often go to battle with even wearing a shirt, after they had gulped down gallons of beer.
- July is the Beer Month in

Make Money Blogging: Part 5: Snap Bomb

Snap bomb:Snap bomb is a relatively new paid to post site. I heard about this blog advertising site on geekyspeaky forum.Their payout is based on the valuation of your blog, which in turn depends on a lot of factors like subscriptions,google ranking etc. I think this valuation is similar to Sponsored Reviews,but the difference is that you have to bid for the projects in sponsored reviews whereas you get projects based on your blogs valuation in snap bomb. I have two blogs there. One has a value of $6-$27 and another has got a value of $.75-$3. So if I get one assignment for both the blogs, I will be paid different amount for each blog depending on their valuation. I think you have got pretty much a good idea about the valuation.
Now the tricky part: For getting your blog in to the system of snap bomb, you have to install a script, and verify it in your snap bomb account.Then data is gathered and you need to wait for a day or two till the valuation is complete and the range selected for your blog.I had no problems in installing the script and then getting the valuation done, but many girls at geeky speaky were annoyed that the script isn't working. So this is an issue that snap bomb has to take care of.
: I have recently joined, so I can't comment on how regular or professional they are about payments.I think they pay you monthly, I had read something about payment in their blog......I can't seem to recollect. Let me check it first.....OK I got it, it's not in the blog but in the FAQs. It say that the amount is paid when it reaches $25, the payouts are after 2 months from the date you created a post.
I will keep you update on this paid to post site.

England Vs Scotland

My husband and his coleagues were going for a party in a pub. Hubby dear was wearing a Union Jack cap. His colleagues advised him that he should pull the cap down and put in the pocket, before entering the pub, as the Scots don't like this public show of pro British sentiments.
I haven't encountered any such problem or witnessed any resistant whatsoever towards British people. But one incident I do remember. One of my husband's colleagues, Dave came on dinner last weekend. I served him Parnathas and Said, "Indians prefer their paranthas spicy, but I haven't put chilly in your's as I have heard English don't like spicy food." Dave immediately corrected me, " I am Scottish. Though I too like less spice, but the paranthas (he spelled parnthas) are really tasty." I was a little nonplussed, but the praise about my cooking helped me save face. Dave later told us that Scotland has been pro independence for a long time. Once they went for the referendum also. The majority was in favor of independence, but the total turn out was less than 75%, which was a requisite.
But ultimately it is the people of Scotland’s right to decide, just like the people of Kashmir, but that's another time.

Coastal Towns of UK

One of my husband's friend is studying in Aberdeen University. He has called us many times to visit him there. It feel nice to meet your countrymen when you are away from home. We are planning to visit this friend in May. We will be staying in one of the cheap Aberdeen hotels.Though our friend has offered that we stay with him on our visit, its better than we find our own accommodation, so that there is no burden whatsoever on him. After all he is just a student there.Aberdeen is a coastal town of Scotland, and my husband once thought of shifting there, as there was an opportunity in his company on a Shell project. Shell has a big oil and gas plant in Aberdeen. Aberdeen has been a top scorer for ten times in Britain in Bloom competition. Aberdeen has also been known as Granite city,city of friendship,city of goodwill.
Interesting Facts about Brighton:
Brighten was the first place in England to open a casino.Owner of Body Shop and a renowned environmentalist Anita Roddick was born in Brighton. Brighton was witness to the first ever cargo flight in world.Brighton has the distinction of being known as the gay capital of England. You can find a list of cheap Brighton hotels on the net. We spent a day on Brighton beach last summer, and had a wonderful time. We had heard a lot about Brighton nightlife and Brighton pier and it did live to its reputation.Its only one and a half hour train journey from London to Brighton.
Plymouth is home to world's oldest running bakery. There are many good accommodations available in Plymouth hotels.

Arachnophobia Revisited

My husband says The Sun is UK’s most read paper because it publishes topless women on 3rd page. That may be appealing to the base male lusts but I found this report about about a spider eating its owner which was creepy as well as good read.May be we all feel good to be horrified? Here is the story:
A man who lived in his own “zoo” of lizards and insects was fatally bitten by a pet black widow spider — then eaten by the other creepy-crawlies.Neighbours alerted police after becoming alarmed by the stink.A police spokesman said: “It was like a horror movie. His corpse was over the sofa.“Giant webs draped him, spiders were all over him. They were coming out of his nose and his mouth.“There was everything there one could imagine in the world of reptiles.
“Larger pieces of flesh torn off by the lizards wee scooped up and taken back to the webs of tarantulas and other bird-eating spiders.”Loner Voegel, 30, never invited people back to his “jungle” home, a small apartment in the German city of Dortmund. Police described it as a cross between a botanical garden and the butterfly breeding ground in the serial killer movie The Silence Of The Lambs. One tarantula had built a nest the size of a swallow’s in a corner of the ceiling.
Voegel also had a boa constrictor and several poisonous frogs from South America.Spider expert and animal cruelty officer Gabi Bayer said he kept creatures “that should never be allowed in a private home”.She said: “He had spiders so aggressive they are the equivalent of a pit-bull in the animal world.”
The reptiles were allowed to roam free in the flat.The heating elements on two tanks containing spiders and their termite snacks had exploded and dislodged the metal tops allowing them to escape.Voegel is thought to have been dead for between seven and 14 days.A post-mortem will be carried out in the next few days. But authorities believe Bettina alone was responsible for Voegel’s death.

Get a Personalized Bathrobe

Last weekend we went to Princess Street for our routine weekly outing. I was window shopping in Marks and Spencer. I thought of buying bathrobesfor me and my husband, but the price was so exorbitant that I just couldn’t make myself to purchase. Then today I went on this site which deals in bathrobes and it held my interest. I decided to stay there for a while and check. The site caters to individual and whole sale buyers. I found that, here it is very easy to find what you are looking for. They have got various types of bathrobes for kids, men and women. You get hooded bathrobes, terry bathrobes, wafel and kimono robes and a lot of other types of robes.A section called personalized robes caught my attention, and I read further. The site offers to give a personal touch to the bathrobes by putting embroidered name or initial on the robe. That’s a very cute thought, actually. I was thinking of buying something like that for my three years old daughter, she likes to display her name everywhere, and it would please no end to have her own bathrobe with her name stitched on it.
Articles about the history and types of robes is another feature which I liked on the site. Generally such type of merchandise sites make it formal and give to the point information about the product, but here you get to know a great deal about bathrobes besides the usual price and shipping information. I got to know that the bathrobe has its origins in robe, which in turn is a borrowed word from French.(Half of the English words are borrowed anyways).Another article describes the various types of bathrobes. Terry robes are good at absorbing water because they are made of pure cotton. While hooded robes keep you warm for a longer time. Kimono robes are preferred for their grace and elegance.
If you are gifting a bathrobe to someone in the family, then you can make it look more stylish by adding a free greeting card. You have to fill in the instruction when you check out and the greeting card will be delivered with the robe. There are a lot of cards for various occasions. You can choose from birthday, get well, anniversary, mother's day etc.

Blogshares is a Fun Place

Today I earned 75 chips, and spent them on buying ads at blogshares. The whole financial jargon is beyond me, but I like to look at my shares and earning chips. today I took simple polls, like " which four letter word you like most". I wanted to answer "fuck", but wrote "love", instead.
For the uninitiated, blogshares is a fantasy stock market, where investors buy stocks. And who are these investors? These are the member bloggers.
This is lot of fun, and I used to get a lot of page traffic, before I went in to hibernation.

War of Titans in Webosphere

So we hear that the champion of free speech and free web Tim O'Reilly has caused another controversy. This time it concerns with webguild. O'Reilly was at loggerhead with Amazon on some patent issues earlier. But this time he has gone too far. Calling google bosses and pressurizing them to cancel contracts with SEM organizations that include the term web2.0 in the events and conferences! That's a real hypocrisy. If I preach something and do the exact opposite, then I am a fraud. O'Reilly has made $billions championing the cause of free web and making the most through web marketing and online advertising.

In my opinion, the web is a place which is owned by everybody. People like Tim’OReilly, pollute this social media with their underhand tactics. Webguild had been using the term web2.0 earlier, and it shows their mettle that they didn’t buckle under the pressure and stuck to their stand. Kudos to them.

Celebrate Mother's Day with Pearls

I won't be home for mother's day next month.My mom is a bit sad. She has recently been diagnosed with diabetes. The psychological effect of the illness is more harmful then the disease itself. Mother feel lonely because both her daughters are busy with their life, with little or no time to reassure her that everything is okay.I had planned to celebrate mother's day with her, but I am totally tied to work up to the neck. I have been thinking what to gift her, and zeroed in on pearl necklace. My mother doesn't like heavy jewelry and freshwater pearl is her favorite. I hope my gift will elevate her spirits and take her mind off her illness.

Interesting Facts about France

  • The French don't tend to queue at bus stops, or anywhere really!
  • A German tribe that invaded France in during 6th century AD,became extremely powerful. They were called Frank, and gave the country the name Francia. This tribe had strange traditions. When they buried their kings, they put into the grave large numbers of tiny golden bees.
  • Three thousand rocks in Carnac ( Brittany), arranged in mysterious lines and patterns, have puzzled archaeologists for many years. Were they used for religious worship, for funerals or as ancient calendars? No one knows the answer.
  • When Germans invaded France during WWII, Many French people formed a group called the Resistance and they tried to overthrow the Germans by bombing railway lines, spying and just generally trying to interfere with Nazi rule. You can see many monuments to their bravery all over France.It is not considered rude to eat something bought from the bakery when you are in a cafe.
  • A tradition through out France is to play a game called petanque. It is often played next to cafes.It can be very competitive, so much so much so that at times the grunts and guffaws of frustration can turn the air blue when a game is lost. But because the French language sounds so lovely, you probably won't notice it.

You will notice a lot of kissing in France and it is likely that if you go to a French home you will be kissed. At special family occasions such as a wedding, men often kiss one another once on both cheeks if they know each other well or are related.

Do You Want a Free Article Rewriter?

A few days back I found a thread on digital point forum, which was a about an article rewriter. I found it interesting and followed the discussion. The guy who was selling the article rewriter seemed genuine, so I decided to buy one for me. This article rewriter is sold for $9.95, and you have to have your own site, so that you can upload it. I didn't have any success with this article rewriter. The page was showing some junk characters when I typed the path for article rewriter.The guy who sold it, told me that my server has not properly installed zend issue. I contacted my server,and they installed the zend thing ( whatever it is). But still I have nothing on my site which can be termed as an article rewriter.

Now I tried finding some free software for article rewriter.
Some sites rewrite your copy instantly ( with hilarious results) and I found a site that allows free download of the software, something similar to the one I had bought. I have yet to install this free article rewriter software on my server.
What I have understood from digging around the net, is that these article rewriter softwares basically use the google translator service, thus your article is first translated into German and then back into English, with some words replaced by their synonyms.
I tried Seotier, but it is not working.
Then I copy pasted the original content on essay writer, clicked the Do the work for me button and Ta Daa! Nothing happened. This site is also having the same problem as Seotier.
Noe my third destination was e-articles, this site works, but the text that you get is really funny.
I copy pasted my post The war of music fans is on, The first sentence is" My husband is a huge fan of Bryan Adams. The article rewriter turned it into" My husband is an enormous ventilator of Bryan Adams :)
Another of my article had a line ........apply a goos sunscreen to the exposed areas of your skin, it went as .....apply a good solar protection to the exposed sectors of your skin.
The free content software which you have to upload on your site can be found at freecontentrewrite, as I said earlier, I haven't yet tested it, so I can't say whether it works or not. If you want to buy the one that I bought ( may be it will work for you), then you can find more information on this article rewriter at this thread.

A Good Site for X- Ray Technician Course

Course duration for becoming an x-ray technician ranges from one to four years. But it is better to do a two year program which will enable you to get a job as an x ray technician.
A typical day's work as an x ray technician involves taking operating radiology machine to take xray photographs and then developing the negatives on a film.The risk of exposure to radiations is prevented through the use of shielding technologies. There are a lot of vacancies in this field and the salary structure is also very attractive. There are chances of getting promotions and handling of other technologies like MRI and CTs. A well experienced xray technician can earn anywhere more than $55,000 per year.

Tricia Walsh Smith You Tube Video

Have you watched Tricia Walsh Smith's video? It was added six days ago and it has already attracted two million views. Let me fill in the gaps for you and then you can enjoy this hilarious video which I have embedded below.This is a case of another celebrity divorce with another gold digger posing as a victim.Tricia Walsh Smith is a so called actress and playwright married to Philip Smith, who is the owner of the biggest Broadway theater company Shubert Organisation.Ticia Walsh Smith in you tube video declares herself as Poor, Vulnerable, and she also does the sobbing job very well though it doesn't gains any support or sympathy for Tricia Walsh.

Tricia says"I am an Idiot".I don't think so. You are a very conniving lady who knows how to use technology to her benefit.But on second thoughts I think that,spilling the beans of her marriage in front of the whole world, is not a good idea after all. If you were so dissatisfied with your marriage then you should have left him earlier when you found out how he was keeping things from you. Now you are being kicked out for being a gold digger and you are whining. As you are in London, go meet Heather Mills and get some tips on how to wrench good money from husbands past your father's age.

Get a Career as Ultrasound Technician

Today the review revolves around information on a career as ultrasound technician.The other name for ultrasound is sonography.Becoming an Ultrasound tech involves taking a degree or diploma in ultrasound technology. Ultrasonography is used to follow the growth of fetus during pregnancy, problems in thyroid and prostrate, abnormalities of ovary or gall bladder. A form of ultrasound is doppler scan, which gives detailed information about the growth of fetus and can detect any abnormalities in fetus. It is a relatively new technique in the field of ultrasonography and doctors now a days recommend that every pregnant women get a doppler's scan.

Update on Template Change

As is apparent, I have got my aspire template back. And I am happy. But I haven't yet touched the html of the template to insert google ads. I am afraid if I try to do that, I will again get the same error as I got before.
I should leave the wrapping and adding of google adsense for tomorrow. First thing in the morning, I will parse the adsense code and add it.

Where to look for Sonography Schools?

If you are thinking of making a career as a sonography technician, then you must visit this site which has a lot of information about sonography schools. The site has a list of eighteen schools including New York, Florida, California, Alabama Ohio and other states.You can also become a sonography tech by joining the online school. It is a bachelors course in diagnostic medical sonography and conducted by Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences.

I Can't Change My Template

I have been experimenting with the templates on this blog so much that the blogger platform has finally given up. This is what happened. I changed the template ( may be for 40th time) to Aspire by infocreek and I really liked it. But as is is my habit, i was playing around with html, experimenting with different positions for google adsense. I found a post regarding how to put adsense in the middle of the post. When I applied the code, as instructed, everything went berserk. I had two big ugly ads in one single post and 4 google adsense ads on the homepage. That was so frightening. I didn't know where the square block came from, as I had put the code for a rectangular ad. And I didn't know why the page was showing four ads. Google automatically shows not more than three ads on one page and if you have more than 4 posts on a single page, then the rest of the posts won't have any ads.
I had to delete Aspire and revert to this present theme which I had already saved for a rainy day like this. But now I can't put the code in the template, the blogger shows some kind of error message and asks me to contact support.
I used to put code in the html template, to wrap the ads around the posts, so if I had say, eight posts on homepage, then three will show the ad units and the rest of the posts got a blank space in that area. So I started putting only three posts on the homepage. But now I can't do any coding or changes in the template. :sigh: Lets hope everything settles down on its own, and I can get back to juggling htmls again.

Technology Transfer Services at Hebrew University

I have always been fascinated by Jewish history. When I was studying, I had once contemplated applying a scholarship for one of the courses at Hebrew University. But things didn't go as planned and I took admission in JNU, Delhi, which is another great university. Recently I got to read my favorite book My glorious brothers by Howard Fast, and I was again reminded of my fetish with knowing something about Jewish way of life. My search landed me on a site which provides technology transfer serices to the staff and students of Hebrew University. It is a company of HU, which searches and provides various commercial ventures for the technology transfer of the research projects undertaken at the University. I think it is a very good step taken by the university, because I have seen in India that people toil for years on a project, get good results and yet can't find ant sponsors. Many a times the project or research has to be abandoned because of the lack of funds.
As I was going through this site, I saw many success stories, meaning the projects went on to become good commercial products. It is amazing that this company has made about $ 1 billion in the last forty years. This should be the focus of a Technological or scientific research institutes, i.e. to make the projects commercially viable and to be on the look out for collaborations with business community. The marketing part is still a forbidden taboo in many universities. Thetechnology transfer has developed a lot of successful ventures in the field of computer science, environment technologies and, homeland security.

Here is a list of some of the products developed by the researchers and students of Hebrew University:

  • UV-Peral: These are sunscreen microcapsules, a really revolutionary product.
  • Doxil: Used in the treatment of ovarian cancer.
  • Cherry Tomatoes: A hybrid variety to preserve tomatoes for longer duration.
  • MBCD: An internet based system that provides guidance in deciding about an occupation.
  • Sumo: It is a head louse repellent.
  • SURPA-VIR: A medicine for treating skin infections.

Top Five Indian Social Bookmarking Sites

I have listed good( and functional) bookmarking sites in India. Here is a list below:

  1. Indian Pad: Arguably the parent of Indian bookmarking sites, Indian pad is a platform of international stature.
  2. My22yards: This social bookmarking site is for Indian cricket fans. It is a fat growing site. You can find some good discussion here on cricket.
  3. Newscola:This site is a subsidary of IBibo of balti fame.
  4. Humsurfer:This is basically a site to share online links for sports events and movie downloads.
  5. IndianBytes:A good site on India related news and events, which are regularly submitted on this bookmarking site

The War of Music Fans is On

My husband is a huge Bryan Adams fan and he is excited that His idol is coming to Newmarket this summer in June. Now that's another thing that he is not going to get the tickets because tickets evaporate as the events are announced. There are many music fans who are more fanatical and over the top than my husband.Bryan Adams will be in Glasgow in October,other cities included in this tour are Liverpool,Sheffield, Manchester,Birmingham, Cardiff, Newcastle and London (in November).As Glasgow is just an hour drive away from Edinburgh,I was of the opinion that we should go to that concert.But who can persuade a crazy fan bent on attending the First show of Bryan Adams in UK!
Anyways while looking for some extra tickets for my husband and his friends,I came across this site where people can buy and sell tickets.You will find not only concert tickets, but also tickets for different football and rugby union events and also theater tickets. Anybody can buy or sell tickets here.The registration is free.
You will find virtually every event listed here. From Bon Jovi toBruce Springsteen, Bjork to Moody blues, every tour is on the site.My personal favorites are radioheads so I am looking for a chance to get Radiohead tickets and go to Dublin.This tour is also in June, but its four days earlier than Bryan Adams'. Lets hope I get the tickets first;)

Wow! Got Visitors From Digg

That's the first time that I got some traffic on my blog from Digg. I had lost all the interest in Digg because your story just lie in your profile page an nobody gets to read it. The competition between the posts is so high that a new and learning blogger like me can never hope of making it to any page of t Digg.Recently I just used it when doing my subvert and profit tasks. Recently I started a new blog and started to upload my post through social poster. Digg is the first site on socialposter, so I just submitted it anyway. And I am getting so much traffic from Digg and popurls. Popurls is a site which collects the popular stories through out the top social bookmarking sites and show them on its homepage.
Earlier also I got traffic from Popurls, but that was through Ma.gnolia. This is the first time I got traffic on any of my posts from digg, and it feels great :)

A look at Different types of Mailboxes

When we go out to shop for mailboxes for our house or apartment, we generally don’t have much idea about types of mail boxes or what should we look for, when buying mailboxes. Even in this era of electronic mails we get a feeling of warmth if someone dear to us sends a letter.
The words written on paper have a magical quality of mending the broken bonds. When buying mailboxes, one has to take into consideration different aspects, such as the cost, strength, security, size and style. If you live in the countryside, then mailboxes made of a tough material like heavy duty steel, should be your best option, as there are many instances of vehicles hitting the mailboxes that are mounted on the roadside. Similarly, if you are an entrepreneur, then you need commercial mailbox, which comes with a locking system. This provides you the extra security that you need to protect your business and make the communications and transactions secure. People living near the sea, should avoid buying brass or copper mailbox because the winds will make it rust. If you live in a flat then, apartment mailbox is for you.
Surface mount mailbox is attached to a wall and it can be fixed at your door step, so it is very convenient to use. On the other hand, column mount mailboxes are placed outside and they can be very attractive decorative items of your house.

Blog TV: A new Trend in Live TV

Until now I considered watching a cricket match as lie tv. The Live broadcast of matches was what one associated with a live show. But not anymore. Blog TV is a new concept in live show. Here the registered members create a live broadcast of their activities. I liked the one where a girl is making some breakfast along with making funny faces. As far as I know, it is a clean site, so my vote go for it.

Can Anybody Tell me How to Create a Blog on Joomla?

Joomla sucks!
I have created a site with my husband's help. The basic template is joomla, and I am learning to use its features and add plugins to joomla template. It is a real headache. Joomla doesn't have many features that blogger and wordpress have. It only has a section by the name-blog. That's it. You have to search for statistics plugin for joomla. I use sitemeter for all my blogs, but joomla doesn't support sitemeter. I have found another stat site, I have to upload the code on my server. Then again, the category count, section count etc. are not available and need to be searched and uploaded.
Worst is that I don't know how to make my site look like a blog. The blog section in joomla has nothing that I have seen at blogger and wordpress. There is an archive manager, but it doesn't show up at the site. I don't know how to show or display category list on joomla.
Overall I am not at all impressed with joomla. My husband has become a fan and quite like the joomla templates and joomla functionalities, but it's me who has to work around that confusing maze, called joomla. It is going to be an herculean task to create a blog on joomla.
BTW my site/blog is Writing Orbit. I haven't added much content here, because I have been frustratingly busy in getting things in order in the joomla template. I want to ditch it, but hubby says that it is next to impossible to create a site on our ow, so we should stick to joomla.
Let's see how things work out.,

Boat for Charity

I had never heard this before, that peopledonate boats for charity.There are many charity shops in Edinburgh where people donate unwanted gifts, toys or clothes, making a boat donation is new to me.If you are worried whether your old yatch or boat will fetch you some money, and if it is lying in a corner,waiting to be put to some use, then you should donate your boat to charity.You will get a tax reduction and all the paperwork is done by the charity which gets the boat.They even pick it up from place, so you don't have to worry about making delivery arrangements.

Watched Race Today

After going through a lot of troubles, I finally got to watch race. It's a nice movie, with the typical Abbas Mustan flavor. I like Akshy Khanna's acting. Katrina is charming, but her talent has been wasted here. She has done her best roles when paired with Akshay Kumar. Bipasha is okay. Saif looks cool. More, when I get time.

How to Choose Contemporary Lighting for Your Home

While refurbishing your home or designing it for the first time, you always want the best furniture and best decoration for your home. Contemporary lightingis an important part of modern homes. There are many varieties of contemporary lighting in the market, like pendant, recessed lighting, tech lighting, floor lamps, track lighting etc. In modern interiors, floor lamps enhance the overall look of a living room. But they should be strategically placed so that they don’t come in the way. The recessed lighting, with dimmers, is ideal for bedroom, because you don’t need very bright light in this part of the house.
On the other hand, dim light should be avoided in other areas of the house because the subdued lighting may give off a depressive feel to the guests. Track lighting should be installed in the room which is often used for social gatherings and parties.There are other things to consider while placing contemporary lights in a house. To focus on a particular art piece or a decorative item, spot lighting is best.

You may need a bright table lamp for a study desk, but you should have subdued lighting in your TV room, as you don’t need too much lights around your when you are relaxing. If you have many indoor plants, then it is best to put them in a room where the natural light is sufficient, indoor plants do need a certain amount of sunlight to grow. You can add d├ęcor to your room with minka air fans.Variable lighting is a new trend in contemporary lighting. Variable lighting means, different kinds of lighting in a single room. If you have a pet corner in your living room, where you read books, then you should have bright light in that corner, while the area around the TV can have a dimmer light. You can add fluorescent light in the kitchen working area.

Safety Tips For Wiring Your Home

Working around electricity is not every one's forte. Most of the time guys leave it to the electricians to do even the smallest stitch, let alone wiring the house. So in my opinion, you have taken a herculean task, and you should be applauded if you successfully wire your home all by your self. There are a few thing that one should keep in mind while working with electricity. I will list out some, and you are welcome to add your own tips.

  • First and foremost, turn off the main electricity switch before you touch anything.Switching off the main fuse or switch ensures that there is a least chance of mishappening while you work on the electricity. Use a tester to make sure that the current is not running in the wires or plugs.
  • Make a draft of the main wiring areas of the house and decide where you want to start.
  • Tell your family when you are going to work on the wiring, so that they may not accidentally switch on the power.
  • Use a plastic or wood ladder instead of a metal ladder, while working on electrical switches and wires.
  • Never stand on a wet floor, when you are about to work on electricity. It is safer if you wear gloves to handle cables and insertions.
  • Be on the lookout for live wires which come from outside. They are live, because they can't be switched off when you turn off the wire.
  • Turn the power on only when you have finished wiring. Don't leave the work in the middle, others might topple over some loose wire or open cables.