Be on Guard

Yesterday I went to look into the one and only craft shop in our town. It stocks every imaginable craft item, but prices are steep too. I didn't buy anything from there as I just wanted to take a look at how costly are the things at the shop. I noted prices of some of the items and then compared them to those listed on ebay. There is a huge difference in price when you buy locally and when you buy on ebay( on some items). I have ordered a scrapbooking kit with over 150 items for four pounds. It would have cost me a fortune had I bought it from the shop. But on the other hand, I found a groovy friends make it kit for 3 bucks in one of the charity shops. The same kit is available on ebay for eight pounds! So I am going to buy it from the shop. Its better to compare prices before buying anything.
It is not always that buying things on ebay is cheaper. I have learned from my experience that lack of research can leave you with cheap quality or costly products. Like one time I ordered a grill guard from ebay and when the item reached, I found the item wasn't what was described. I had to open a dispute to get my money back. Then I ordered one from the authentic site which was far better and cheaper too.