More Wordpress Themes Converted into Blogger

I am in a little hurry, I have to rush to drop my daughter to school, so just adding two more templates.
WP-Polaroid Blogger Template: The template has got the classic web 2. This template is a good option for affiliate marketing or advertising. It has Three 125 × 125 ad slots where you can put your ads or affiliate links. You can download the WP- Polaroid blogger template here. But first you will have to register with eblogtemplates (for free) before downloading the template.

Blue Jeans: This one is for those who like to work on dark backgrounds. I myself is not a fan of dark or black templates. They make me feel low and depressed and I have to strain my eyes too. Anyways many people may not think the way I do. So here is a dark background wordpress theme converted into blogger. Blue jeans have been developed by infocreek, which provide very nice and professional templates. Blue jeans is available in two and three columns.You can find the demo Here, and to download this template go to this Page

Why didn't I think of it before!

I was going crazy as my forgetful husband has misplaced the USB cable of our camera. I haven't been able to upload photos since I started blogging again. Its very frustrating when you are not able to include the pics in your posts and you have to wait for ages for them to be delivered. Today, out of the blue I got the idea that I can take snaps from my husband's cell phone! It was such an obvious thing to do, but it never occurred to me before. I have persuaded my husband to let me use his mobile phone till he get a new USB cable. I clicked some pictures from the cell today when I went shopping.

I Have Been Busy With My Dad's Site

I have been busy setting up my dad's site, his blog to be precise. My father is a surgeon by profession. But he is a write r by heart. He has been involved with various social works for thirty years. He is so full of energy and new ideas. He has recently taken to blogging.
The platform is the updated 2.7 wordpress. But dad is encountering an unusual problem. He can't see the publish button in the dashboard. More over there are no image/video icons while writing the post.
Today I spent two hours on gtalk chatting with him. Poor dad, he was so excited about starting his own blog. But this unexpected glitch has slowed down his writing spree. I think the problem is related to multiple users. Lets see how it turns out. Otherwise I will look for alternative like blogger platform for self hosted blog.

Ceiling Fans Galore

One of the ceiling fans in our home has suddenly stopped working. My father- in law is a junior engineer in irrigation department, but his hobby is to mend electrical appliances and equipments. He is always busy repairing one thing or the other. But this time even his genius has failed. The ceiling fan is beyond repair.
Now we have to go to the market and check some fans.
I am not particularly inclined to go out in this cold. But it will be a headache when summers come and we are without fans. So I did a quick search on the net, to select some fans and order online.
I found this site which has some elegant and beautiful fans on display like the hunter fans. The selection is worth a look and the rates are reasonable too.