How to Disable Auto Reload in Firefox

One of my laptops got infected with virus when I downloaded an anti-spyware software by mistake. Actually I visited a site and got this message that your computer might be under attck from so and so IP address, run a free scan.

I had to reinstall the windows and all the software, including Mozilla Firefox. The latest version 3 is available now, so I downloaded it. But now I had a new problem.

When I work on computer, I open many sites in different tabs, so that I don't have to look for a reopen a relevant site or search for it when I need to see or refer something. But after downloading firefox, all the pages were getting reloaded/refreshed every time I left to view another site. It was particulary irritating while writing a post on blogger. I am writing a post, think of uploading an image, I go on snipshot to edit the image and when I come back to upload the image, I am asked " your changes haven't been saved, do you want to navigate away from the page? Press Cancel to stay on the same page." It means that every time I left the post in the middile, I was to face this message again and had to click on cancel an upteen number of times.

Internet explorer is working fine, but I don't like IE, so what is the solution. I reinstalled firefox, but the problem was still the same. Pages were getting refreshed on their own. I checked all the options in Firefox and found no fault or a way out. Then my husband took reins in his hands and found the solution. Skype is a add-on in new Firefox version by default, but its not installed properly. So it try to reload again and again, which was causing the opened sites to reload on their own. He uninstalled Skype from Firefox add on list and I got my good old Mozilla Firefox back. Infact it is an improved fireox. When you start typing a site name in the browser window, firefox gives you an option to choose it from a list it shows in a drop down menu. Its something like google search, which shows a list of suggestions as you type words in the search box. Other things I have to explore.