Would You Wait for God to Treat Your Kid?

That's what a couple did when their daughter got diabetes. Instead of getting her treated from a qualified physician, they prayed to God for her recovery. How stupid one can be. The DA says there was no intent of killing involved in this case. For god's sake, the child is dead, and all because of her ignorant and idiot parents. They should be punished severely, but then who will look after their other two children? They have been sent to some relative's. Does faith heals, can god really help to cure an illness? If yes, then doctors will be the first ones to strike against God and his pvt. ltd. We turn to God in extreme circumstances, normally it is the doctor who looks like the person who can help us get rid of a fat ass or a bad toothache or a malignant tumor. Where science and medicines fail, God enters. I am not an atheist, I believe in afterlife and a superpower, but the idea of sick getting recovered by god's miracles is too much for me to believe.

How to handle Viloence

I got this video from glumbert Thought every one should watch this funny yet instructive video for a lesson in handling violence. People are generally taken aback when someone shows a violent behavior in public. Most of the time we are mute spectators to acts of violence, thinking that it is the job of the cops to handle the perpetrators of violence.

A Comprehensive List of a Girl's Best Friends: Diamond and Gold Jewelry

Live Jewelry Auctions. Discounts up to 95%!
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The internet's largest discount jeweler: You will find some exquisite diamond and gold jewelry here. Some pieces, especially the diamond necklaces are worth a look.CVCJ20 - $20 OFF PURCHASE $250 OR MORE

JewelBasket.com fine discount jewelry:The site offers a wide range of jewelry and and gift items in gold and diamond. They also have children's jewelry such as gold adjustable children's bracelet, children's medical ID bracelet, children and teens anklets etc. You can Save 5% on everything , Free shipping on orders over $75. Enter Code: jb5star at check out

: I like their aquamarine jewelry. The colors are so attractive and tempting.
Click here to get a Free Italian Charm Bracelet

Free Shipping at Brilliance: Their specialty are the diamond engagement rings. They also have a unique feature, called Design your own ring. You get to choose the shape, setting and price of the ring through a simple procedure.$50 off any diamond or jewelry purchase of $1500 or more at Brilliance. Enter code BC50C at checkout.

Diamonds-USA Cutters since 1979 : Their tagline says: Extraordinary Diamonds don’t have to come with extraordinary prices. They also let you design your own rings. The site runs a contest called Proposal Stories. The best entry can get $3000 worth of diamond jewelry.
GoldenMine: You subscribe to their newsletter and get a lot of goodies in return, like 10% off coupon on sign up, then more coupons quarterly, and various tips from the jewelry expert.
Save 50%-70% off retail prices on all gold jewelry. Click Here Now
Free Overnight Shipping:They are not an exclusive jewelry store, they sell apparels, handbags too. But their jewelry collections is so fantastic that I had to add them in the list.Free Shipping over $40.

PicturesOnGold.com: As the name suggests, this site offers custom engraved jewelry and custom photo jewelry.Upload or E-mail your digital photographs to have your photos lasered on 14K Gold or Sterling Silver Jewelry at PicturesOnGold.com

Simply Whispers Jewelry for senstive skin: Many girls and women can't wear ant kind of jewelry because their skin is too sensitive to extra irritants like metals. They should try some of the offers on display here.Click here to stop jewelry irritation - Try Simply Whispers

Zavier Big Jewelry Sale: They are not exclusive jewelry store, but their collection of brooches is very attractive. And they are also offering 20% off Jewelry, Handbags & Shoes by Zavier.Enter code ZAVIER826 during checkout. Limited time only.


Make Money Blogging: Part4: Sponsoredreviews

Sponsored ReviewsSponsored Reviews is a mighty big paid to post site.They have hundreds of advertisers listed to them. Some of the advertisers pay up to $500 for favorable reviews of their sites. As sponsored review is a well established paid to review site, it is very difficult to get an entry here. Even if you blog is accepted in their system, there is no guarantee that you will start making money. You may have to wait for months for your first paid review. Sponsored reviews has hundreds of bloggers lined up.

How Sponsored Reviews works:
The system of working at Sponsored Reviews is different from blogvertise and Smorty. Here the all the available opportunities are shown on blogger's dashboard.A blogger has to bid on the opportunity and if selected, he has to complete the task within a week.

The The Payment: Sponsored Reviews pays the bloggers every two weeks, that's a fixed schedule, and they are very punctual. If you completedthe review on 28th and the next pay out is on 30th, then you don't have to wait for 14 days, you will be paid on 30th.

How to Improve Your Chances of getting tasks at Sponsored Reviews: Let me share my experience with you.One of my blogs fall in the range of $20 to $40,it means that I can set the price of reviews at this blog from 20 bucks to 40 bucks. Now I chose the highest amount. I waited for three months, nothing happened, I wrote to the support. They said,it is up to the advertisers to choose, whomsoever they want.Right.Then I realized that the amount showing at my Sponsored Reviews blog page might be putting advertisers off. I slashed the price, and within a week I got my first task at Sponsored Reviews. The key here is to bid at a reasonably low price. If the advertiser's range is $10-$200, don't go for $150 straight away. First think about the PR, Traffic, Link popularity of your blog and then decide that for writing 200 words, how much you want.If you bid low, your chances of getting the project increase immensely. But do read all the requirements. Once I applied for a project ( at $5)and didn't look at the word requirement. When the advertiser accepted my bid, then only I realized that I had to write a 400 words review for a mere $3.75 ( Sponsored Reviews takes 35% commission).
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Make money from digg and stumble upon

Make Money From Digg and Stumble Upon

Yes you can make money through social bookmarking sites. All you have to do is to register at these two social bookmarking sites ; Digg and Stumble upon, then register with Subvert and profit
And you are done. All you have to do is to wait for the e-mail from Subvert and profit. You will be asked to digg or stumble four to five stories at one time. Payment is $1 for a batch of stories for the beginners. Later when you have graduated to net level, then you will be paid $2.
Subvert and profit has been criticized for the so called illegal business of generating clicks artificially. But the site is not baffled by all the accusations heaped upon them. They themselves acknowledge it, their blog is named The Black marketing Blog. There are many people who want their stories on the first page of Digg. This social bookmarking site has grown so huge in recent times that it is very difficult to find a place at the front page of Digg even after fifty or so diggs. So people turn to sites like Subvert and profit, which can provide them the much needed numbers. The site earn money from these people, who are called advertisers.
I don't see why such hue and cry is being created over Subvert and profit. Digg, stumble upon and other social bookmarking sites are not non profit organizations, they are here to make money, which they are doing pretty well.
I think it is reasonable enough if you use your social bookmarking sites for the purpose they are there, and also make money while doing so. If I find something interesting, I stumble it immediately, as I want to read and go through the contents in my free time. If I also get to make money from it, then it's extra bonus for me. Right? ,
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Ten Rules for Theatre Actors of all ages

1. Memorize your lines as soon as possible, making an extra effort if you have a large role.
2. Go over your lines and blocking before every rehearsal.
3. Always be on time for auditions, rehearsals, and performances.
4. Clear your calendar of anything that conflicts with rehearsal schedules.
5. Always treat the technical staff with respect.
6. Whenever possible, ask questions before or after the rehearsals, so that you won't interrupt the flow of the scene.
7. Worry about your own performance, not the performance of other actors- that's the director's job.
8. Keep track of your own costumes and props all the time.
9. Keep noise level down backstage, even in the dressing room.
10. Always accept compliments on your performance graciously, even if you think you were having an off night.

Healthy Dog Food is a Must to Fight Dog Cancer

I can’t watch my Tootsie getting weaker day by day. She is suffering from dog cancer. Pooches suffering from dog cancer need particular type of healthy dog food. I avoid giving her grains, though they are her favourite dog supplements. More than carbohydrates, proteins and fats should be the main dog supplements in a diet to fight dog cancer. Diet containing healthy dog food plays the most significant role in treating dog cancer. If dogs suffering from cancer are not fed healthy dog food containing the required amount of proteins and fats, then it may lead to kidney and liver failure.
My vet says that dog cancer is not fatal for dogs, they die of other side effects like kidney failure most of the time.

Though it breaks my heart to deny her the dog supplements containing cereals, I have to feed her healthy dog food. I hope she knows that I am doing it for her own good. Fish oil is rich in fatty acids like omega-3, which are essential to fight against dog cancer.

A Site for Hotel Reservation

Today I am going to review a site which makes hotel reservations. The site has many features to display. It not only provides hotels and motels but ,also book vacation rentals. They have an option to either book online or call them on phone from anywhere in the world. The site has listed toll free numbers for those interesting in making hotel reservations on phone.
I found that site is easy to navigate, but there is no button for home. If you want to go back, you have to click the hotel button and that takes you to the homepage. The good thing is that the search option for booking or searching a holiday destination, a car or flight booking is on the front page. The site gives you all the information you may need while planning the trip.

I found a very interesting thing here. They have Spanish, French, Italian and German sites too. The links are provided in red fonts. I went and checked the Spanish site and it works fine. But They should have put these links somewhere on the top to make them more visible.

Another useful feature is their destination guides. You name it, and they have got all the information on that city. Right from visa requirements to history of the place, they tell you everything. The destination information on the site is provided by Rough Guides, which is known and reliable name in travel books industry.
The site also gives up to seventy percent off than the market rate on special internet reservations. To avail that rebate, you have to book a prepaid reservation and fill a form within a day of the booking.
The site also offers discount club membership. All the hot deals and discount offers are mailed to you on your e-mail address. So if you want to stay up to date on the discounts and good deals, you can opt for the membership, which I guess, is free.

SLA Radical Sarah Jane Olson Is Back to Prison

They say it was a computing error. But this computing error has caused not only mental stress and agony for Sarah Jane Olson, but also cost her another year of her freedom. Now she will be freed only in March net year.
In 1970s Sarah Jane Olson was a member of SLA, a group of a bunch of misguided college kids.They were the rebels against the Fascist American State, so was every one in those days. A couple of stupid mistakes later, the group dissolved and Sarah Jane Olson went in to hiding after a failed bank robbery. It seems that she was discovered after some ( jealous?) neighbor might have tipped off cops, after a program was aired on America's Most Wanted.

SLA stands for Symbionese Liberation Army.World interest in SLA was ignited when they kidnapped media Heiress Patty Hearst. Hearst later disowned ( if I may use the word) her parents and declared to join SLA. Later when the group disbanded, she claimed that she was brainwashed.She was sentenced to seven years, but later pardoned after serving around two years of her sentence in prison.
Young people joined such groups to fight against injustice and oppression.Most of the times they were not aware of the true objectives and backgrounds of their revered leaders. Donald Defreeze, the leader of SLA was an escaped prisoner who had robbed a prostitute.
Now back to Sarah Jane Olson. Her lawyers thought that she would be given at the most, five years. But in her case, the prison board used a rarely used section of state law, and sentenced her for 11 years.
A 61 year old woman, who has lived most of her life peacefully, is being treated like
fascists and terrorists.

Thinking of Creating a Site?

I am planning to get all my stuff ( from blogger)over to my own site. But I don't know how to do it. I am not a professional web designer, not even close to it. But it is good to have your own self hosted blog. Then you don't need to fear google penalties and other advertisement restrictions.
So right now I am looking for some kind of a guide to web hosting. A guide to web hosting means, something like a tutorial. Where I will be told in detail, about various options and a review of different options.
I have found a post on a guide to web hosting. There are a few web hosting companies mentioned in it, like hostgator,hostmonster etc. I may decide to try hostmonster, as it is claimed to be a good web hosting service. But first I have to make good survey, then I will let you know, which web hosting company is good.

Pet Cats for Thirty Thousand Bucks, Are You Joking?

Here is news for all pet lovers and cat owners. You are not hip if you don't have Ashera cat as your pet.The hype created by Lifestyle pets has really gotten to every body. Imagine paying $40,000 for cat, which is considered to be a hybrid cat.
Now we have heard of hybrid cars, what the heck is hybrid cat?
Now according to Lifestyle pets, which makes these hybrid cats, Ashera cat is a blend of exotic bloodlines.

Now what is interesting here is that the company sold three Ashera cats to a Dutch couple, and the a US breeder claims that they are not Ashera but Sawanah F1Cats, which were bought by the company from his breeding farm.
LifeStyle Pets is branch of Allerca. Allerca shot to fame after claiming that it has made an allergy free cat.The company has never released peer-reviewed scientific data or submitted it for peer review in a scientific journal.
In 2006, the California Department of Corporations ordered Allerca to stop offering or selling cat franchises in California. The company had been marketing the franchises - at $45,000 a territory - on its Web site and in e-mails to residents of California and other states. Many Allerca employees have stated that the company has serious cash problems.

A Collection of Good Led Rope Lights

Today I am going to talk about led rope lights, and a site which sells them.The site's name is birddogdistributing.com.The site provides different kinds of lights, ranging from rope lights to novelty lights, yard and patio lights and icicle lights.
They have an impressive collection of storm displays, which are a good way to catch the attention of the onlookers.

They are offering discount on many of the items like led rope lights bulk spools. The discounts are good and worth a buy. For those, who don’t want to buy in bulk, the site offers custom cut led rope light. These are suitable for small jobs, and you don’t need to cut them, as they come in pre-cut shapes. So you save both time and money by purchasing custom cut led rope lightings. The prices range from $7.47 for red to $14.95 for white led rope lighting per interval.

I especially liked their collection of mini lights.

May Pang and Her Instamatic Karma: Is She Better than Mills?

Two in a day. We are hearing news related to two former Beatles today. Paul McCartney survived the divorce ordeal with Heather Mills. Now we hear that John Lenon's former assistant and mistress-for-18 months May Pang has released a Photo Book of former Beatles's rare photos.
Is it another attempt by May pang to cash in on late John Lenon's popularity? I don't think so.It was Yoko Ono who suggested that May start a relationship with Lenon, as their relationship was going through a rough period. Ono was afraid that Lenon will drift away from her if she loosened her leash. May refused to become a keep, but later they had an affair which is famously called The Lost Weekend.
Many portray May Pang as a money sucking, fame seeking bitch. But I don't see her that way. She has been living her life quietly and making a living on her own as a feng shui jewelery designer. If she wants to remember her relationship with Lenon, then it is her prerogative.
Did you know that May Pang and Lenon's first wife Cynthia Lenon are best pals?

Heather Mills Pour Anger on McCa's Lawyer

So she proved to the world that she is a real bitch,and not to be taken lightly. Heather Mills took out her frustration over court's verdict on Paul McCartney's attorney Fiona Shackleton. She poured a glass of water over Shackleton's head.Later Mills announced that she was happy with the verdict on her divorce settlement. Bullshit! She was the one who went to court to cut at last $100 million. Paul McCartney had offered her $25 million in the beginning itself. But no, she wanted more flesh.
What a waste,she is. mills may have gained sympathy after her accident,but her greed has let her fans down. On the other hand, McCa is not innocent either. He has to pay the price for marrying for lust not love. At his age when he should be playing with grand kids, he is courting young girls fit to be his grand daughters. But that's the life of celebrities, and we too follow them.
Now Mills is trying to block the verdict from getting public,saying that it will adversely affect her daughter Beatrice.Again CRAP.The judge has made negative comments about her in the verdict and she doesn't want the public to know.

Make Money Blogging : Part 3: Smorty

Another of my favourite blog ad sites is smorty.com.I love the site because they provide good opportunities. I have recently started with them. You need to have your pages indexed in google, if want to get your blog approved at Smorty.Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

How Smorty works:Blog opportunities are displayed on the dashboard, when you accept the task, then the dashboard automatically shows the time left to submit that post. When you have posted in your blog, you have to submit the text of the post and the url ( which should start with www).I am telling these details, because they are different from other get paid to blog sites.

How much You make with Smorty: How much money you make by posting for smorty, depends on the google page rank of your blog, because you are given opportunities accordingly. A PR 5 blog will get tasks ranging from $50 to $200 where as blogs with lesser PR get tasks with less money. So if you want to get paid to blog here, then you need to work on writing a lot of original content, which will improve your ranking.Payments are made every week.

Smorty forum and Smorty blog: Theses are two new developments at smorty, which again makes it a different from other paid to blog sites. There is a lot of interaction at forums, different Smortians discuss various things in the forum. It has regional sub forums too. Where bloggers from different countries mingle with fellow countrymen. Smorty blog keeps the bloggers in touch with the administration.
So if you want to blog for money then you should head to smorty.

How to Write Letters to Editor

I have been writing letters to editor in various newspapers since I was in my Journalism major. They helped me gain recognition among the raiders as well the editorial staff. So when it was time for doing internship after college, I was easily accepted. Letters are first step for getting published and starting to make money through writing.
If you don't want to join a paper or a magazine, then also you can start with writing letters to the editor on various current issue. For the avid newspaper and magazine reader, the temptation to write a learned piece complaining about the state of the nation or the rising price of a pack of frozen peas can be overwhelming.
There is an outlet for the man or woman in the street to voice their opinion and that is through the readers' letters page. It can also be a way of earning small amounts of cash or gifts for your writing. You stand better chance of having published if you follow a few simple rules:
- Write clearly and neatly.
-Address it to the right person.
- Keep it brief and to the point.
- make it as topical as possible.
- Write about something relevant to the publication's readership.
- A brief word of praise for the publication always help.
- Invite comments or advice from other readers.
- Never send the same letter to more than one magazine at the same time. These pages operate on the assumption that all letters are from regular readers of their publications.
See you at some magazine's letters' column, then!

Useful Information on Relocation

Today I am going to review a site which provides information about real estate listings in San Diego to those who are thinking of moving to this Southern Californian city.Profundrealestate.com is an easy to navigate site and I liked quite a few features. For example they provide a comprehensive list of schools in the area. One of the dilemmas of moving is which school will be best for my kids. This site has collaborated with greatshchools.net to provide comprehensive school reports.
They have links to many sites which provide local information, like weather, restaurants, things to do etc.
They give free virtual relocation package about downtown San Diego real estate tothose who are interested. Who doesn't like freebies. You just have to fill out a form and the information is sent to you.
The site has hundreds of tips on various issues related to property, like interest and points, your financial budget for buying a house, mortgage options and many many more.
I think you should check San Diego Foreclosures find help regarding buying or selling property in San Diego.

Helping Out Ela

My friend Ela is a gifted jewelery designer. She has a knack of spotting the uniqueness in ordinary things and make her jewelery around day today themes. I especially love her funky danglers. She participates in many trade shows, and she will be showcasing her stuff at Portland Trade Show, which is going to be held in May-June this year. Ela is worried, how to do things, each time she rents stands, table clothes, and all the other stuff. It costs a fortune and then most of the time it is substandard.

I decided to help her out and did some digging. There are many sites on the net which provide different facilities for trade shows. They provide every thing from banner stands to truss and trade show displays. Some times the deals are much better than what the local shops offer. Camelbackdisplays.com provides trade show supplies for retailers and exhibitioners. From trade show furniture to displays, they have got it all and at affordable rates too.

Make Money Blogging : Part 2 : Blogsvertise

I have started with blogsvertise, because this is the coolest paid to blog site. It may approve newest of blogs too. But the blog is then put on probation and if it meets the standard, it is upgraded. A blog on probation gets $2 per post.
I started with them at $2, because my blog was not even 2 weeks old. Now I get as many as 10 post assignments a week.
-How does Blogsvertise work: Blogsvertise control panel is easy to operate. When you log in, you will see number of tasks asgined to you on the upper right corner of the blogsvertise dashboard. The opportunities or tasks ( as they are called here) are e-mailed to the worthy bloggers. They have to be completed within five days. After completing the task, you click on the task management and then enter the name and url of the post. Someone from the administration visits the page within 3 days and your task is approved. If your task is rejected for some reason, you are given the chance to correct the mistakes and resubmit it.

-How much you get: They claim to give $4 to $20 according to the performance, but I think it is $2-$10.Which isn't bad either, if get to make $100 a week.

-Grab bag tasks: These are the opportunities which no one wants to take, meaning the jobs declined by other bloggers. You have to be on the look out for them. Initially I didn't know anything about them. Then one fine day I simply clicked on the blog search list to see if my new blog was accepted or not. There I found a small icon in front of my other blog, I clicked it out of curiosity, and lo! There were 10 opportunities waiting to be taken. From then on, I check my blog list the first thing after logging in.

-Be sure to decline the tasks if you don't want to take them. Otherwise your account may be suspended. I am telling you from experience. I went on a long holiday and could not do anything online. after returning from vacations, I found that my account had been suspended. I wrote them an email stating the reason, and they reinstated my account.
-The support is good and reply promptly. I have interacted with them quite often and they are quick to respond to the queries.
So my advice is that start your journey of making money through blogging with blogsvertise.

Make Money Blogging : Part 1

Today I am also joining the list of bloggers who have written posts about how to make money through blogging. You can ask me why is the need to write another episode of money making opportunities, when internet is overcrowded with such articles? My point is that I am a writer, and as a writer you should write what sells, this is necessary for putting food on your table. You or I may not be starving exactly, but you have to be in tune with the times, and keep an eye on the trends in the market,i.e. the readers. And readers want to know how they can mae money blogging. I have been blogging long enough to get the idea of various ways of making money online. There are PPC sites, payperpaly sites and sponsored blogs sites. I will deal with each money making method one by one.
First let me share a secret of my success with you. Get your pages indexed in google. This is really important. If you are new, chances are that your blog will be rejected by most of the paid blog sites. But if you are new and you have written enough posts and your pages are cached in google, then your blog stands good chances of approval on these blog ad sites like reviewme, blogsvertise etc. So let's start making money by blogging.,,

Cosmatologists are Angry with Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman should be the ideal for all the women wanting to look good. With her flawless skin and a completely wrinkle free face, she evokes an image of eternal beauty.
Well, if cosmetologists are to be believed, then women don't find Nicole attractive. When they visit a cosmetic surgeon, they specifically tell, that they don't want to look like Nicole Kidman.
Cosmetic Surgeon reason that Kidman has over used botox so much that now her face has become expressionless and project her as an Ice maiden.
Cosmetologists are angry with Kidman because her abuse of botox has driven many clients away. Women now prefer not use botox, as they fear that they might also look like a bat as does Kidman.Nicole Kidman has always refuted claims that she takes botox injections.
She was a pretty lass in her younger years, with red curly hair and an expressive face.Now she has such a wooden face that only her eyes can emote. Everybody knows that she is past her prime, so she won't be getting teenage girl roles. Then why this fetish with being ageless? Look at Helen Mirren, she is a superb example of how to age gracefully. And she has no dearth of roles either.

Itchy Skin

I have a very sensitive skin. Whenever I go out in the sun for too long, I get hot flushes and my cheeks start burning. I was suggested to use sunscreen cream every four hours. But my skin doesn't tolerate any chemical ingredient of these creams. The so called herbal creams have also proved useless for me. When ever I am in stress or excited, I get the same hot flushes. Can any one suggest a remedy?
For too long, I used Eumosone, but It always gives me only a temporary relief. I have heard that corticosteroids interfere with your hormonal imbalance. So I stopped using Eumosone cream.
Which is the best medicine to treat itchy skin?

Web and Sex : The Spitzer Way

So we hear that New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has gone and had sex with a prostitute, whom he contact through a web based Escort agecy. Nothing new, eh! If our president can have oral sex with an intern, and get away with it, then a governor is also entitled to some poaching too. Spitzer is now thinking about resigning. Why rush? Take inspiration from Clinton( Bill). The whole nation rocked when Matt Drudge leaked Monika Lewinsky case. There were reports that his marriage is in trouble. But look, what happened. He is still HAPPILY married to our would be President.
So Mr. Spitzer all you have to do is make an emotional speech on national TV and just sit and enjoy the outpour of sympathy.

Destination London

So I am moving again.This time it's back to grand old London.So what I am going to do this time when I am in London? Well, I have to surely visit Madame Tussad. They have got Salman Khan's Statue this time. I have my snaps with Aishwarya Rai and Amitabh Bachhan, now I will take one with Sallu Bhai too. For a few days I have to put up at some hotel, till the time my company finds a lodging for me. There are great many options to stay in different hotels

London offers five star to bed and breakfast options to it's visitors.
My office in Zone 1, so I have to look for some nice hotel in Paddington. I think I will get some good deal on internet.

Last time when I was in London it was winter there. Now I will be going in spring. So let's see what London has to offer to it's visitors in spring and summer. I am sure it would be lovely and warm there. I like the smell of spring.