Friend in Need

Last month my husband's office colleague met with an accident while riding his motorbike. Fortunately he didn't suffer serious injuries. When we went to see him at the hospital, he asked if we knew of any good law firm who could take motorbike accident claims case. At this point, we just could stop smiling in spite of the grim situation.
Actually, two years back both me and my husband were involved in a motorbike accident. Our bike crashed when we were going on a long drive. It was 14th February, and my husband, being an incurable romantic, suggested that we leave our daughter with friends and go on a long drive. The moment we went off the city route, a car suddenly came out of nowhere,charging right at us. My husband tried to steer from the road, but the car still managed to hit the bumper before vanishing. There were drunken revelers in the car who didn't bother to look if we were injured and needed help.
Later a kind old man in a BMW s aw us and called for help.My husband got a fracture in collar bone and had to be hospitalized for a week.One of our friends suggested this company which coversmotorbike injury claims. The company assured us that we won't be charged any fee if we didn't win the injury claims. But we didn't face that problem, as their put our case so efficiently that not only did we get a replacement for our bike, we got the full claim which was our due.
So now obviously my husband recommended this company to his colleague.

Which Paid to Write /Blog Sites Don't Pay Anymore

When I started searching for online writing opportunities or the sites which pay you to write, I came across a lot of lists which gave a comprehensive review of the sites that provided writing opportunities. That's how I came to know about paid blogging and the sites which pay you to write sponsored post in your blog.I made some nice bucks through sponsored posts and writing online. I even wrote a post Get Paid to Blog: A List of 40 Sites That Pay You for Blogging Then I went into hiatus, and didn't blog for a year or so. When I returned in the internet world, I found that credit crunch had hit the sponsored reviews too. Many sites had become defunct and you got a 404 error when you tried to log into your account. So I decided to write another list. It is called Get Paid to Blog: A List of Defunct Sites.

Seriously THinking of Using Ebay

I have spent many waking hours and hundreds of pounds on buying things on ebay. Some deals were worth the money and some were really duds. But I have now become addicted to ebay. The "watching" column in "my ebay" section is always full to the 200 limit. ( In other words, at any given time I am closely watching the bids on 200 items). Sometimes I bid and when I lose a bid, I don't get upset. I enjoy that I got to save my hard earned money.
Anyways, now I have decided to turn a new leaf. No, I am not deleting my ebay account. Instead I am going to become a seller on ebay. I have a few items which I purchased in India and I think I can definitely make some profit by selling them on ebay. I am waiting for my husband to buy a new camera. We have decided to buy Nikon Coolpix s8000. Its a brand new model and boasts of very impressive features including 14 mega pixels resolution, 10x optical zoom etc.

Stumble Upon is Getting Boring

Since yesterday I have been stumbling sites and I have found nothing that interests me. I noticed that the sites/pages that are turning up are the ones which I had already seen an year ago.Are there new sites or new stuff being published on the net? Or have people stopped using stumble upon after the novelty wore off.

Looking for Craft Themes

I am looking for craft themes for my craft blog. Lat year when I was actively blogging, I had tried many craft themes. I liked them a lot and used to switched from one to other at leisure. But now I want to change my blog to wordpress and it seems that wordpress doesn't have many craft based themes. Can anybody help?