Worry not. parents

Ananya is 19 months. she likes me reading books to her, especially noddy ones by Enid Blyton.kids r fascinated by colors and pictures. Nannu also likes to watch animal pictures, either books or on net. she has started recognizing many things . though i don't intend to force her in to being a 2 year old intellectual wonder, but being a parent i relish the her stock of knowledge. my father-in-law used to say that we know she will walk and talk but that first step she took, the little mumbling-utterances r the sweetest words right now. we eagerly wait when the child will start saying mama, papa. some times when the natural growth seems to be delayed, its natural for the parents to be anxious. but NEVER compare your child with another child. each child has her own pace of development. some start walking as early as 8 months and some may take their first step well after one year. same is the case with speech. the son of my husband's colleague is 20 months and hasn't yet started speaking( most of the time he yells). i asked his mother to place all his toys out of his reach so that he will have to ask for her help. sometimes when kids get everything easily and without demanding then they don't feel the need to communicate.as their needs are being met.