For my Brother-in law

I was wandering through the streets of edinburgh last week as I do frequently now a days. Walking is good for me and I enjoy it. Anyways This time I took the route through Haymarket station into Dalry road. Dalry road hosts a number of charity shops and one I particularly like is a mobility shop where I once went to buy mobility wheelchair for my brother-in law.
He was severly injured in a car accident three years back and he is now a quadreplegic. But being totally bed ridden hasn't broken his spirits. He does yoga regularly and roams around in the house in his wheelchair, cracking jokes with the family members.
He is also learning to use internet ( through some encouragement from yours truly), and I found a disability website for him, which gives lots of support and information to people with various disabilities.
The site has also got its own disability forum, where people can discuss their fears, their hopes, the treatment and procedures etc. Overall its a nice and helpful site and my brother-in law seems to have hooked on it.