Seriously THinking of Using Ebay

I have spent many waking hours and hundreds of pounds on buying things on ebay. Some deals were worth the money and some were really duds. But I have now become addicted to ebay. The "watching" column in "my ebay" section is always full to the 200 limit. ( In other words, at any given time I am closely watching the bids on 200 items). Sometimes I bid and when I lose a bid, I don't get upset. I enjoy that I got to save my hard earned money.
Anyways, now I have decided to turn a new leaf. No, I am not deleting my ebay account. Instead I am going to become a seller on ebay. I have a few items which I purchased in India and I think I can definitely make some profit by selling them on ebay. I am waiting for my husband to buy a new camera. We have decided to buy Nikon Coolpix s8000. Its a brand new model and boasts of very impressive features including 14 mega pixels resolution, 10x optical zoom etc.