Celebrities: Opium of the Masses

First it was Paris Hilton, then Nicole Richie and now Sanju baba, it seems that the blind goddess of justice is finally opening her eyes towards not so virtuous deeds of men ( and women) of riches. Before getting caught in arms act, Sanjay dutt was a certified doper. And Hollywood’s drug connection is so in the open. If you don’t do drugs you are not worthy to be written about or not a worth of news byte. From smoking pot to snorting lines of cocaine in private parties and clubs, everything is acceptable.

Drew Barrymore, Lindsay Lohan, Robert Downey Jr, They all have done it and got scott free or with a lesser conviction.
Every time a celebrity goes their ( expected ) haywire way, media grabs the opportunity to inform the common man of their sins. And common man also bites the cake. Instead of thinking about bread he is more worried about
Britney Spear’s brawl
I have to agree that most of the stories shown on the news should not be there. What gets me so frustrated with the news is how much of it is about celebrities. If I cared to know what certain celebrities were doing in their personal lives or what they wore to such and such a place, I would pick up a tabloid or watch Regis and Kelly. If I turn on the news or pick up a newspaper, I want to see/read actual news!
This whole idea of celebrities getting off easy when it comes to law enforcement is tied in with the media and advertising. A famous person breaks the law.The police have to do something because they are here to protect and serve as their slogan goes. So Mr.Famous is accused and taken in. Now, Hollywood and the media love when this happens because it gives the news a big kick. Everyone wants to watch the news or read the paper Mr.Famous to find out all the juicy gossip about the accusation(s).The main stream media relies on advertising money. So they do what they think will sell advertising and get readers or viewers. There is no requirement for them to act responsibly.