Sanjay Dutt and his Ordeal

Mom called.She was upset that has been given 6 years of prison sentence. There will be millions of Sanjay Dutt fans who will be shocked to hear this news. They must have been praying that he gets out unblemished.

The verdict has shown that justice is still alive in India. The guilty was convicted. Many may argue that Dutt didn’t know that there will be so dire consequences of his little adventure. He must have been 35 or so when he got the weapons from undreworld goons. An adult who is capable of rational thinking won’t take such step, not even in the name of protecting his family. Dutt took his filmpersona too far and too seriously and that got him in trouble.
Bollywood is justifiably worried. Over 100 Crore is at stake. What will happen to the projects in which dutt was involved? At least now other film makers should learn their lessons and rethink before signing Salman Khan.