Bloggers, Beware of shady blog sites like blogcharm

After coming back to Edinburgh, the first thing I did was,to log in to all my blogs.But the one at blogcharm didn't even open.Reason being, the site has closed shop.All my posts are gone and I have no back up files.When I type the name of my blog, all I see is the blogcharm home page with their declaration of closing down!
There are many other sites which don't sound convincing, when they offer free blog hosting.In my opinion there are a few such sites, like blogchex, blogfeast etc.I don't see any activity in there. No interaction with other bloggers, no notice boards...nothing.At blogger also, you feel lonely.But at least you have google to rely on.You know, google is not going bust in near future, so your blog is safe.For blogger interaction and activity, http://wordpress.com is best.