Destination London

So I am moving again.This time it's back to grand old London.So what I am going to do this time when I am in London? Well, I have to surely visit Madame Tussad. They have got Salman Khan's Statue this time. I have my snaps with Aishwarya Rai and Amitabh Bachhan, now I will take one with Sallu Bhai too. For a few days I have to put up at some hotel, till the time my company finds a lodging for me. There are great many options to stay in different hotels

London offers five star to bed and breakfast options to it's visitors.
My office in Zone 1, so I have to look for some nice hotel in Paddington. I think I will get some good deal on internet.

Last time when I was in London it was winter there. Now I will be going in spring. So let's see what London has to offer to it's visitors in spring and summer. I am sure it would be lovely and warm there. I like the smell of spring.