I Have Been Busy With My Dad's Site

I have been busy setting up my dad's site, his blog to be precise. My father is a surgeon by profession. But he is a write r by heart. He has been involved with various social works for thirty years. He is so full of energy and new ideas. He has recently taken to blogging.
The platform is the updated 2.7 wordpress. But dad is encountering an unusual problem. He can't see the publish button in the dashboard. More over there are no image/video icons while writing the post.
Today I spent two hours on gtalk chatting with him. Poor dad, he was so excited about starting his own blog. But this unexpected glitch has slowed down his writing spree. I think the problem is related to multiple users. Lets see how it turns out. Otherwise I will look for alternative like blogger platform for self hosted blog.


  Dean Saliba

21 January 2009 at 11:30

Has he actually written anything in his blog? If not then it might be worth removing everything and doing a clean install.

Although I did once have this problem and I found that using a different browser helped.