More Wordpress Themes Converted into Blogger

I am in a little hurry, I have to rush to drop my daughter to school, so just adding two more templates.
WP-Polaroid Blogger Template: The template has got the classic web 2. This template is a good option for affiliate marketing or advertising. It has Three 125 × 125 ad slots where you can put your ads or affiliate links. You can download the WP- Polaroid blogger template here. But first you will have to register with eblogtemplates (for free) before downloading the template.

Blue Jeans: This one is for those who like to work on dark backgrounds. I myself is not a fan of dark or black templates. They make me feel low and depressed and I have to strain my eyes too. Anyways many people may not think the way I do. So here is a dark background wordpress theme converted into blogger. Blue jeans have been developed by infocreek, which provide very nice and professional templates. Blue jeans is available in two and three columns.You can find the demo Here, and to download this template go to this Page



9 February 2009 at 08:04

One thing I don't understand is why would you want to convert WordPress themes to Blogger?

Blogger lacks a lot in design. Take for example commenting. I don't like old-school popups like this one I'm writing in. It could be an AJAX modal box.

It could be interesting to write an article about WordPress.com vs Blogspot.com.

  Sheetal Ahlawat

16 February 2009 at 08:59

I have been thinking of writing on that topic ( wordpress vs blogger), but as lazy as I am, it may take another month or so;)