Beware, A Bottle of Wine Can Land You in Jail, as it Did to Roxana Saberi

Thirty one years old US journalist and former Miss North Dakota Roxana Saberi has been detained by the Iranian authorities. Her crime: She bought a bottle of wine. She had rang her father on Feb 10 saying that she has been arrested and will be released soon. But her father hasn't heard about her since. Roxana Saberi was living in Iran for the past six years.
She certainly knew how sever are the country and its rules and regulations. She survived in Iran for six years which is no mean feat for a women with Western upbringing. Lets hope that Iranian authorities come clean with the reason why they have arrested Roxana Saberi, and release her soon.
Roxana Saberi has been a very good student through out her academic career. She majored in French and Communication. She did her Master's in Broadcast Journalism from Chicago and then Master's Degree in International Relations from Cambridge University in England.