New Bloggers Should Stick to Google Adsense than Making the Site an Affiliate Farm

Let me tell you a secret about my affiliate marketing campaigns, I haven't made a single penny till date from my affiliate links. I must confess that I haven't done much with the affiliate links except putting the links in the sidebar or writing a post or two about some special affiliate product. My personal experience is that you need to have a niche site and not a blog to make money from affiliate products. May be I am wrong.
I have yet to earn my first $100 from adsense, but I am close to the finishing line, unless google decides to cancel my adsense account on some pretext. My experience says that new bloggers, who don't know the ABCs of affiliate marketing, should concentrate on google adsense ads. If they put too many affiliate links on their blogs, the reader may click those links, but not necessarily buy the product. It means that the click was wasted. If there had been only google adsense ads on that page the performance would be much better. The conclusion: Affiliate links distract the visitors away from the adsense ads.


  Dean Saliba

2 March 2009 at 19:39

I agree, if you run a blog then use networks like Adsense, Kontera, Adbrite, etc.

Affiliate products are best left to the guys who are prepared to put a lot of effort into them and have a particular niche.


3 March 2009 at 08:51

you mean, i must focus adsense afterthat affiliate

  TV Episodes and Series

24 May 2009 at 05:59

Yeah, if you focus to adsense then you can earn than having with a lot of affiliate program in your site. Just focus first on one then another.


8 January 2010 at 07:35

yes, but affiliates earns a lot than adsense. I think each got their own negative sides, adsense is just easier, that's why a lot are using this. :D