Get Paid to Blog: A Review of 40 Sites that Pay You for Blogging

I was thinking of creating forty posts detailing each site that pay you for blogging. Meant to write a review of one paid blogging site every two days or so. But when I reached part 7, I found that the the scheme is not working for me. Actually, I lose interest very quickly,and I hadn't considered this fact when I planned for the make money blogging series. So I have decided to compile a list of sites that pay you for blogging and writing sponsored reviews.

Top Ten Sites that pay you to blog: 10
Other Good Paid Blogging Sites: 09
New Sites for Paid Blogging: 06
Defunct or Scam paid posting Sites:07
Blog ad networks / Links on blogs: 06
Two more additions: 02

Top Ten Sites that pay you to blog:

1. Payu2blog: So far the best paid to blog site as far as I know. I have written a review here. Just want to add that there are frequent $25 dollar per post opportunities also. Though I haven't been able to catch one.In addition, you get to participate in various competitions and treasure hunts, and get rewards in the form of gizmos and gadgets or other products from the sponsoring sites.
2. Sponsored reviews: Comes a close second. You can read the review here.

3. Loudlaunch: They pay very good and regularly. They could have been easily the top paid to write site, but for their dismal and poor response output. Guys at loudlaunch just don't respond to your email, try as hard as you can. But as I said the payout is really well for higher ranked blogs. You don't need to bid or anything. Opportunity pops up in your dashboard if your blog qualifies for it. The posts are to be approved manually. When loud launch started, it was a big proponent of disclosure policy, but with time, they have quietly done away with this policy of disclosing the sponsored post or putting a loudlaunch badge on the post.

4. : Payperpost is the Mecca for bloggers who want to make money blogging.They have lots of opportunities. But many bloggers don't like the site much, because of their holier than thou attitude. They require adding sponsored post tag in each post and a site wide disclosure too.Bloggers complain that payperpost tries to control what they should write and how they should write. Blogger are convinced that payperpost is more interested in filling their own pockets by keeping the advertisers happy at all costs. Most bloggers have experienced that their complaints concerning advertisers' wrong demands always fall on the deaf ears. But as I said that there are many opportunities here, you can try payperpost if your blog get accepted at all. Most of the opportunities are for US and Canadian residents only, so if you have a high page rank, it is no indication that you will get an opportunity as you are living elsewhere. I have added one blog here and it accepted while I was in the process of writing this post. I have yet to post for a campaign for paperpost, lets see how things work out.
Update: All the fears about PPP blogs getting hit by google are real. My PR4 blog jumped down to pr2 within three days of putting PPP code. But to be fair to PPP, I have been paid on time and posts have been approved quickly. I have heard many bloggers complain about PPP support, that they don't reply back and don't care to solve issues. My experience is different. Being new to PPP, I had to contact support many a times and Scott at PPP always responded quickly and positively.

5.Revieme: If you have a strong traffic base, large number of subscribers and a good readership then you will get accepted here, but opportunities are few and far between.

6. Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog :They offer you opportunities according to your rank, meaning low ranked blogs will see low priced offers in their dashboard. But I had two blogs pr3 and pr4 and I still got $6 posts. For many days 5 posts are sitting in the dashboards waiting to be picked. All relate to shopping cart software or bad credit loan. Smorty is also strict about permanent links. If they ever find that you have removed a link form an ancient, age old post, they will hold the money due to you and will only release once you have set links back to where they belong. They are introducing new concepts and I think more opportunities will show once they are done renovating things around. They have recently launched post exchange. Bloggers get useful back links and reviews of their blogs through this program. Only blogs in your niche are asked to review your blog ( if you have made a request), then in turn you will have to write a review of someone else's blog. Its a good concept and bloggers will definitely benefit from it.

Earn Money Blogging
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Update: Smorty has started text link advertising by the name digxa. Its like kontera, the pay per click program. I haven't seen opportunity for a long time now. I think they have put all their attention and efforts on Digxa and forgotten about paid post program.

7.Creamaid: This site doesn't require you to sign up with them. You only follow an existing conversation, write a post about the advertiser,add a creamaid widget and if you are selected, you are informed at the email address you provided. You write back to give your paypal address and $10 are deposited in your account. I tried writing on creamaid when I was totally new at blogging. The whole coding stuff put me off and I never tried it again. But I have heard positive things about it, so you can try your luck.

8. Weblogsinc: Its not a site, but a network of blogs and some of the best blogs on the internet are associated with weblogs inc. They are the number one network of professional bloggers.

9. B5 media: Another blog network of note, started by professional blogger Darren Rowse of problogger fame. You can see the blogger vacancy on ploblogger job board.

10. 451 Press: Yet another blog network.

Other Good Paid Blogging Sites:

11.Creative-weblogging: This one is also a network of bloggers. They have job openings on this page.

12.v7.com/forum: You have to become a member of their forum first.If accepted, you will be asked to put a link in the post, average pay is $10 per link. Your blog should be pr3 or higher and, if I am not wrong, should be self hosted.

13. Blogsvertise: They are definitely facing some problem these days. This used to be my favorite sites because I got accepted first here, on probation. Made good money, but now offers have dried up and I am tired of looking for grab bag tasks. You can read more about blogsvertise here.

14. Linkworth: They used to have a very confusing system of submitting blogs for posts, getting posts and submitting blogs for link ads, rotating and multi rotating ads. They recently revamped their system, and the latest news is that it is still as confusing as ever to find your way through linkworth maze.Though the new system now gives you alerts about available opportunities on your dash board. Earlier you used to sit and wait for the advertiser to find you. They get half the share of your post earnings. Paypal accounts won't be paid until you have earned $25.They have another weird concept of featured blogger. You pay some fees and they will feature your blog on the main dashboard for the advertisers to see. You pay them to get paid! Try linkworth, if you have no other offers from other paid to blog sites. Something is better than nothing, right?

15. Bublogreviews are a market place similar to sponsored reviews. You bid for opportunities here, though the number of opportunities is nothing as compared to sponsored reviews. I haven’t had any luck with buyblogreviews, but other bloggers have reported getting bids approved.

16. Bloggertizer: It is another market place, but you don’t need to bid here. You simply add your blog in the system and wait for advertisers to find you and make an offer. Bloggertizer doesn’t charge you anything. I wonder how they make money then. May be they get a fee from he advertisers, I don’t know. They pay you $5 when you sign up and write a post on them. I lost this opportunity because I was too lazy to post and then my blog got hit by pr update and slided down from 4 to 2. Bloggertizer pays these bucks only to blogs with pr3 and above.

17. Bloggerwave: I have read negative reports about bloggerwave, that they are fraud, don’t pay etc. My experience is different; I was paid everytime I made a post. But: opportunities are very few, once in a month or so. And they never respond to your queries. They pay you $10 for every post and heir opportunities are also different form the run of the mill loans and travel tasks.

18.Blogitive: They pay $5 for one link, just like payu2blog. They used to accept accept blogger and other freehosting blogs, but lately they are open ot selfhosted blogs only.( That’s what I was told when I submitted my pr3 blogger blog for approval). I have submitted another blog some three weeks ago and still not heard from them. But they are a reputed company among bloggers. I have heard that they recently launched a new scheme, where you are paid to put links in your old posts. Good concept. I think I will e mail them again, when I finish writing this post.

19. Dewitts Media/ Contextual Style: If you land up on dewitts media’s page, you won’t find anything that will give you a hint about how to join their paid blogging program. The contextual Style is their subsidiary, which offers links to be placed in the posts.

New Sites for Paid Blogging:

20. Snapbomb: Read my review about snap bomb here.

21. Blogpayz: I have got only one opportunity at blogpayz.The reason why I don't consider them a fake blog ad site is that they are always ready to respond to the queries and don't hesitate to admit that it will take time for them to establish in the paid blogging market

22. Get paid to post: Most promising and innovative of all the new paid to post sites.Read review here. Update: There has been a change of opinion read the update here

23. Paymetoblogaboutyou: It’s not a new site but they don’t have much work to offer.

24. Bloggersreview: They charge you thirty five percent of the amount you get paid for writing sponsored post.My pr4 blog has is not qualified for the only two jobs that are in the dashboard. May be they are for US bloggers and not for European ones. But there is no clarification regarding that.

25. Blogtoprofit: An interesting thing happened. I had put blogtoprofit in the scam sites category, because I had never seen no work for so long. But today I got a mail from them telling to complete three tasks, which I can access from my dashboard. From the look of it, blog to profit is structured as payu2blog. They hand out $5 for one link; only difference is that you have to write a minimum of 150 words instead of the regular 60 words in Payu2blog. Also you get three days to complete the offer. They pay within a week of completing the tasks. I haven’t been paid yet, but hope everything turns out fine. There I no minimum payout here. They also require that the post should be written around the keyword/anchor text provided. Whereas payu2blog pays you just for the link, no context is needed. But I prefer to write a post relating to the keyword, because then the post stands out on its own. And this is good for its pr. Update: I did 5 opps and have been paid on time.

Defunct or Scam paid posting Sites:

26. Blogging ads: This site took so much in approving my blog, that I had lost hope of ever getting into it. But after approval, I never got to see any paid post assignment here. Each time I sign into my account, I find a message, no opportunities, please check during the first week of the month. Their blog is also not maintained regularly, which shows that they have ceased to function.

27. Inblogads: Every time I try to sign in here, I get the message that we are undergoing a major overhaul, please leave your e-mail address if you want us to contact you when we relaunch. Well their relaunch scheme is taking too long to take off.

28. Buzzbyblog: I read a few articles referring this site and how this site is going to change the face of paid blogging etc. But when you click the link, you get a dubious site which doesn’t look like a paid post site at all. I think their domain expired and they sold it without making any head start in paid to post market.

29. Linkylovearmy: This paid post site’s blog shows that the latest entry was made in December 2007. No work, nothing happening. Even when there was some work, I didn’t know my way around the site, because I had just stated blogging, and the site had a confusing log in method. I saw some assignments in my dashboard, when linkylovearmy was functional, but never got to write any thing, because I was confused, how to take an offer and then submit it back in linkylovearmy’s system.

30. Paidpost: They have styled themselves after the big daddy of Paid posting; payperpost, but they don’t even have their FAQ section installed. What can you say about such a site, which don’t know how to answer the basic question about its operations?

31. Pickablogger: It seems to be a market place, but the whole design (and lack of any activity) gives me negative vibes, I don’t trust pickablogger. They too don’t have anything about themselves on their site, which is not good.

32. Blogadnetwork: I came across this site while googling for earning opportunities through blogging. They started in 2005.But, it seems, couldn’t find any advertisers. This site shows a 404 error when you try to sign up.

Blog ad networks / Links on blogs

33. Blogherads: You get to be a very high ranking and high traffic generating blog to be approved at blogherads. Their payout is very attractive. I have never tried them, because none of my blogs get a million visitors each month.

34. Blogads: The entry is by invitation. If you can find someone to invite you, you can make a decent amount by placing ads on your blog. The prices are really huge.Go to different forums and place a request.

35. Blogkits : I have recently joined this site. They offer you ads to put on your blog, and as well as opportunity to write reviews. I have yet to see any blog review opportunity, but already put one or two ads on my blogs.
Make money online with OfferForge!

36. Money4blogs: I was once offered $35 dollars for placing a link on the homepage of my pr3 blog, which I accepted. Other bloggers have been paid even more than that. Good site, pay you immediately when they confirm that link has been installed properly.

37. Blog for bucks: Their representative left a note on my blog’s about me page, stating that they have a few opportunities for me. I replied on the email address, and was given three links which I had to put in three posts. I made 30 bucks. But, I never heard from them again. You can try your luck. They pay you promptly through paypal.

38. Reverselinks: You put your blog or sites on link market, set a price for links, and wait for buyers to contact you for link space. You can also surf the available advertiser’s list and bid. I haven’t been successful here.

Two more additions:

39. Blogdistributor: This is good site which pay you a minimum of five bucks for a post of at least hundred words. I forgot to mention it, and then I had already done the designing and numbering, and couldn’t just do the editing again.( I am too tired).So I am adding it now. Blogdistributor only takes bloggers from US nad Canada, so anyone outside these two countries will be wasting their time here.

40. Social Spark: This site has been started by IEZA or IZEA, whatever. They are the same company which owns Payperpost. You have to make conversation on their site, advertisers pick you and then you get to either write a sponsored post or a put an ad. Basically you have to be active on social spark to get yourself noticed by the advertiser. I am not much of a conversationalist, so I have never used social spark, though one of my blogs is pending for approval. I don’t know whether I will take opportunities even if I get approved, I like writing in a secluded corner rather than chatting.
update: Two of my blogs are now with social spark. Here is how it works: You see an opportunity and apply for it. If its available, then you get to write it ( the post is reserved for you for twelve hours), and the post is already taken then you click on wait for slot. You are informed through mail when your turn comes.
This post about earning money through bloggging and the various sites which pay you to blog , has been very fruitful for me. I got lots of new assignments and blog approvals while I was in the process of writing this article. I really hope for all of my fellow bloggers that they too succeed in making a living out of blogging. Good Luck to all of you.


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Thank you! With so many sites online now a days offering easy money its hard to know which ones are legit and which ones are not. I am a huge fan of Payu2blog and am glad you have a good experience with them as well. It makes me more confident in the world of blogging to hear from others.


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Eureka! Thank you for your website. I'm recently approved by blogsvertise and while waiting for my first assignment I want to try other paid to blog sites. Great compilation you have here. You're the answer to my prayers. Thank you!



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Thanks every one, your comments show that my effort hasn't been wasted.
@Catherine: I really like payu2blog ( as is apparent from my review). The more blogs you have, the more opportunities you will get, provided you complete the tasks already given to you. I have a pr0, totally new blog with them. I post the assignment within a day or two ( though you have to submit the tasks within7-8 days), and I always find some more opportunities in my inbox the next day :)
@ Anonymous: Blogsvertise is a genuine site, I really like them. I hope they sort out their problems soon. And I agree with you to look for other sites too. The more money we make the better ;)
Thanks again for your response everybody.


11 May 2008 at 07:35

Sheetal Good list. I would like to say 40 percent of names are new for me. However its not worth to join each and every network as every network do not pays you same amount and all depends on marketplace. I have reviewed 4-5 services on my blog also. It would be nice if you can provide us with list of blog sponsorship networks.

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Very well researched list of pad blogging sites, and thanks for letting me know about it. I'm glad I am not the only one who finds Linkworth confusing, but at least it pays me a few $ every month.

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Thanks for posting about our website, PickABlogger.com

Our website is still in its infancy and pre-beta stage and we have currently not launched it officially. Still, we have opened our site to users and advertisers who would want to use our service.

While I understand that it might be not so rewarding due to little or no opps right now, I would reckon that it definitely is no scam.

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Thx very much, But About BloggersReview they are really good, I get 9 tasks with them last weeks with total of $67 , i think they are good .

Keep it up my friend :)


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uh... you're most promising and innovative new get paid to post site getpaidtopost.com is toast! We can never log-in anymore after 2 weeks in existence. Looks like it was flagged. Maybe you should revise that part of your post.

Most of the real get paid to post sites are weak. Aside from the big players like PPP, SR, smorty and reviewme, the only ones I've been making money with are socialspark, loudlaunch, bloggerwave, snapbomb and bloggersreview.


13 June 2008 at 16:34

Thanks Shalini, Aibmaz, Chan and Abunada.
@ AbuNada: Yes I have also heard that they pay well, its just that I have been unlucky to get any jobs here.
@ Ruel Jamarie: Did you read my post clearly? I have already written a post Titled Get paid to Post is a Scam and provided the link in this post.


14 June 2008 at 07:26

you don't have to be "sociable" in SocialSpark, I already get 11 opps without socializing with others


14 June 2008 at 07:49

Thanks for the correction bm, I have updated the post :)


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@ Shirley, Maria and Mike: I am glad you liked my post:)

@ Maria: You have a nice blog Maria.

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Very good and full list.

I have heard of about 35 of them but it was nice to see new ones I had missed.

I have one you have not listed.

http://zync.es/ (Spanish one but they do except English blog post)



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