Any Body Having E-mail Withdrawl Symptoms?

So I am having a bad e-mail day.It seems that every body has forgotten that there lives a wonderful soul in this universe named ananya.Or may be google and yahoo have collapsed under the weight of their million bucks they got by creating stupid things like e-mails. By the way who can tell who made the first ever e-mail? Is it the microsoft giant Gates?
well whoever it was,didn't do any good to humanity.they say YOU get addicted to net.I am addicted to e-mails.I have to open my account every 5 minutes (literally) and while it is loading,I pray to god to let me see some numbers in the inbox bracket.So what If half of the e-mails is totally junk and I delete them with one click,without even reading!The sight of the inbox swelled with incoming e-mails is enough to give you a high.
Am I the only one here experiencing email withdrawl symptoms?