Potty Vs Potter?

So I was right in thinking that harry potter must have vanquished all party players with a swish of his wand.Hubby dear gave a really sweet surprise today at 4 am when he woke me up and put THE 7th Book in my hands.He knows how fixated I am to Harry Potter.
But strangely I haven't opened the book yet.may I fear that once I start, I won't be able to stop and everybody in the house will be screaming over my head.
Or is it that I have finally grown up? you know grown ups don't read children's books.
Or is it the case of yearning for something and discarding it when you finally get it? May be I don't want to find out that harry really dies in the end. Being an ostrich is not a good example to set before my children so I have to get down to read it but I can enjoy my monopoly in party arena ( at least till hubby comes out of loo and claims his place in front of laptop).
And congratulations to (now) Mr. and Mrs.Gordon who had decided to head straight to a Harry Potter store after their wedding last night. Hope they got their perfect wedding gift while standing together hand in hand,dressed in white gown and black suit.

lets wait and keep a watch on more potter fans to erupt in more potter frenzy.