robert de niro vs al pacino

I like both of them very much, they are extremely talented. A film in which both of them work is like watching a duel of titans.I guess they are almost on the same level...but going with the movie choices over the years i wud have to say Robert Deniro. in the last 15 years Pacino has fallen into this horrible habit of over-acting and just shouting throughout his films.

the major role for Pacino was Michael Corleone in "The Godfather" and De Niro's Vito Corleone in "Godfather II." Michael is a "kind hearted guy" who transforms in to "evil mob boss". De Niro's performance in "Godfather II" was incredible - he actually made you believe that he was the young Marlon Brando. But it was a supporting part.and not to mention that coppola auditioned both of them for michael's part. n that went to pacino.for Pacino his major performance has to be 'Godfather II' and 'Raging Bull' for De Niro. De Niro learned how to box, he gained 60 pounds.

De Niro'performance prime has lasted much longer, from 1974 ("Godfather II") through 1980 with a resurgence in the late-'80s and then another resurgence in the late-'90s when he started doing comedies ("Analyze This," "Meet the Parents"). Just a more interesting, consistent, complete body of work, capped off by his improbable comedy success over these last few years.
where as Pacino's prime lasted from 1972 ("The Godfather") through 1983 ("Serpico," "Godfather II," "Dog Day Afternoon," "And Justice For All," "Cruising," "Scarface").lets just say that if you were trapped on a desert island and could import all of De Niro's movies or all of Pacino's movies, you'd probably pick De Niro (unless you couldn't live without "Scarface" and "Godfather I"). Just more to choose from.

de niro's range is rangeless.he is- Funny De Niro, Deadpan De Niro, Scary Mobster De Niro, Quiet Cop De Niro, Intense De Niro, Crazy Cop De Niro, Just Plain Crazy De Niro, Athletic De Niro, Killer De Niro, Quirky De Niro, Kindhearted DeNiro and so on. Pacino could only offer Quiet Cop Pacino, Abrasive Cop Pacino, Brooding Pacino, Crazy Pacino. There was never really Funny Pacino, unless we're talking in the Unintentional Comedy sense.
Pacino and DeNiro shared one major scene together, the diner scene in "Heat".I'm giving De Niro a slight edge.It was dead-even right until the end. Pacino did his "Brotha, you are going down" routine. De Niro did his "There's a flip side to that coin ... what if I have to take you down?" routine. And it was a dead heat. Both of them hit it out of the park. Except right at the end, Pacino broke into a slight smile, almost like he couldn't handle the moment - either it was too intense, or he couldn't believe the scene just happened. Either way, it's always bothered me. His character never would have smiled in that scene at that particular moment. It didn't add up. And it was just enough to give De Niro the win.

Al Pacino VS Robert De Niro - Celebrity Deathmatch - kewego
Al Pacino VS Robert De Niro - Celebrity Deathmatch - kewego