Taj Rules

So Taj has been voted the top most of the new 7 wonders.i bet the site must have made a few million bucks out of this hoopla.
But somehow I feel connected.I have been to visit Tajmahal twice.I liked the scenery and the white ambiance surrounding the tomb.Now when I hear that It has become The Chosen One, I feel proud as if I own Taj!Yea you are also right if you think that I am going to bang the gong and tell whoever will care to listen that I have really seen Tajmahal.
Taj is called the epitome of love.It is the evidence of the eternal love of emperor Shahjahan for his wife Mumtajmahal.
But one thing I can't understand is that if Shahjahan so deeply loved his wife then why he had hundreds of other wives in his Harem?Isn't it more near the fact that Shahjahan, like any other emperor, wanted to prove his greatness in front of the whole world. Mumtaz was only a medium to serve his purpose.what say you?60+ Attractions - 1 Ticket