Femme Fatale: on Parade?

Priyanka Chopra is all set to play a new rloe.She will be the Grand Marshal to lead this year's India Day Parade in New York,on August 19th.The theme of this year’s parade is Women’s Shakti (power). Let’s hope Chopra has the power to cope: last year the sultry Bipasha Basu refused to participate in a similar parade in the Big Apple, alleging harassment by two of the organisers volunteers.Though Priyanka could use some tips and tricks which she must have learned during filming of super flop DON.Which reminds me,how many real action heroins are there in bollywood? Back in old days we had Nadia who starred in WADIA MOVIETON's films.Esha deol with all her sporty physique and brawny genealogy could have been the one but she has virtually disappeared after DHOOM-1. (thiugh there is a talk that Director Anubhav Sinha’s movie Cash has Esha doing many action sequences).Mallika is supposed to have done some stunts in THE MYTH but given the tiny length of her role in the movie,she doesn't qualify as action heroin.Even otherwise also,she is better suited for smooching than kicking asses.Shilpa Shetty delivered some good punches in DUS,which is a good action movie.Other than these names nothing comes to my mind.Guess Bollywood heroines are destined to play swooning hapless girls for another century to come.
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