Hail Gandhigiri

OK, first of all I am not a baldy with a fixation with furer, so hailing is for something which is totally opposite to little hittly’s Nazism. The phenomenon I am talking about is called Gandhigiri and it has forced the US govt. to reverse a decision related to issuance of green cards.

For the uninitiated,Gandhigiri is a term coined in the Bollywood movie “Lage Raho Munna Bhai”. In the movie the hero (a thug and local goon) takes to non violence to impress her fiancee. The comedy movie underlines the importance and relevance of “principles” of Mahatma Gandhi( termed gandhigiri in the movie). The formula of opposing injustice through nonviolent means is slowly regaining popularity in India.

Another victory for the followers of gandhigiri came on tuesday,when US govt. reversed its decision to limit green cards to highly skilled workers. The disappointed Indian techies resorted to the noble protest and sent thousands of flowers to to US Citizenship and Immigration Services’ office ( As done in the movie by hero Sanjay Dutt) .

Interestingly the term gandhigiri is fashioned upon another term with an opposite meaning : Dadagiri ( which is a slang for loompanism).

I found an interesting link on gandhigiri.

ps:I wanted the link to this site’s forum section but it didn’t work so I had to upload the original site, which ironically has Home sex video as its latest post!!!!! Gandhi practised celibacy in later part of his life.