Bomb Blasts in Jaipur: What is happening

I was replying to a comment made on my post site hacked , when my husband told me the news. It is a coincidence that the post in question is related to Turkish Islamic hackers and I was in the process of clinching my replying when I heard that SIMI is a suspect for the seven bomb blasts that shook Jaipur killing more than sixty people.
I don't understand what is happening. The intelligence agencies are totally useless. They can't prevent a Kargil, nor a Parliament attack. I wonder who named RAW Research and Analysis Wing, when it should be Rubbish And Waste.RAW is totally moth ridden and full of corrupt officials who will sell their own mother if they get good money.
And what do these terrorists want to establish? Can they make their religion acceptable through these acts?


  Rohit Jain

14 May 2008 at 04:12

Just heard & read it online & here you are with a new post on this attack, quick job :).

God! I thought that Islam's bad face has rode off your mind and suddenly here is one more from an Islamic organization (expected).

God knows what to say now, but yes it's really painful to see such cheap acts of brutality happening all over the world. I wonder what pleasure they get by causing cries & chaos all over.

No matter if they survive to escape from the police/RAW/blah/blah/blah, I am sure their trial in God's court will be a Blast!

God bless the families who have to face the pain & agony!!!


14 May 2008 at 06:42

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