Google Piggybacked Yahoo

At the bottom of my blogger blog, there used to be a running news strip powered by google. I never look at it, I just added it for the sake of getting something to fill the bottom. Yesterday, before changing my blog theme, I noticed a simple heading How Google Outgrew Yahoo. I decided to read it, because I had nothing better to do.

I learned an interesting fact about google, that Yahoo initially paid the bills for google. Yahoo promoted google as the most promoting search engine. It even featured google on it's home page. But the ruthless world of business spares nobody, and you would be a fool to rear your own competitors, which google proved to be. Yahoo later tried to fix things and launched overture, which is the yahoo alternative for google adsense. It is offered only in US, and proved a failure after the initial hype. This interesting post chronicles the journey of google's rise and fall of yahoo.