Driving in Germany

The trip to Paris taught me one thing, that it is better to have your own vehicle or a rented one, if you really want to enjoy your trip. My husband is planning to set up a satellite navigation system in our car. On our next trip ( which will most probably be Germany), he will be taking a car tour with GPS system. But I seriously doubt it. He is not an expert driver, and Germany has no speed limit on most of its roads, so I would want to play safe and try to persuade him to hire a car.
I did a search for the requisites for driving in Germany and found some useful information. Which I am sharing with you. It is better that if you know some traffic terms in German, such as Four Lane Highway is called Landstrasse, One-way is Einbahn, whereas Parken verboten means No parking, and Bundesstra├čen refers to national road. Did you know that Germany motorway or autobahn was first started in Germany? You can find many hotels in Berlin which are on your route.You will also get good accommodation at Frankfurt hotels the reservation starts from €10.
To be able to use a car rental service one must be an adult ( not below 21 years), a credit card, and an international drivers permit and an insurance. Buying insurance online can save you time as well as lots of extra bucks.
Though there are no general speed limits on driving, there can be special limits on roads which are near to cities and towns. So you should look for such signs that tell you the speed limit.
In Munich you will find that public transport is very efficient, so you don't need to rent a car there. You will find good Munich hotels at rates starting from €21. Did you know that about 15% people living in Munich are Turkish? And that the city center has a sun bathing area where you can enjoy sun in your birthday suit? If no, then thank me for enlightening you:)