Thinking of a Cruise Holiday? Yes, You can have Cheap Cruise Vacations

Well, this is my wishful thinking. Our European trip has run in to trouble. I don’t know if we will be able to get visa. But let’s talk about the sad things later. Today I am in a mood to explore the world on a cruise. I hadn’t realized that cruise liners can be an ideal mode of vacationing for families. I thought that only the rich can afford the luxury of celebrity cruises. But now I don’t have any misconceptions about cruise travel. I am particularly interested in family cruise, as traveling alone seems to be a thing of past after the birth of my daughter.
Why a vacation on a cruise is budget friendly?
You have to pay for any extra facility apart from room, in a hotel. But cruise costs includes everything and the cost of a room on a cruise also turns out to be much lower than a hotel room. The first thought associated with cruise vacations is Food. You get the picture of people lying on sun beds, sipping wine or eating crisp French fries. Ooh! I would so like to spend my time just lazing around and eating (not cooking). Mind you, all ships have unlimited food served on them which is included in the costs, but you will have to pay for most of the drinks though. Princess Cruises have a special offer in store. You can have snacks any time of the day or night. So if you want a cheese burger in the middle of the night, you have that option too.
Ships used to have a strict dress code for dinner, but now most of the cruises have relaxed this rule. If you want to have dinner outside of the dining hall, that's fine, and you can come in your casual jeans and t-shirt to the dining hall too.Norwegian Cruise Lines have gone one step further to make the cruise experience enjoyable for holidayers. They call it freestyle cruising. There are no rules fixed regarding activity timing, dinner timings, dress code etc.

There are so many activities for kids that they are occupied most of the time. You can relax and enjoy the well deserved break with yourself and still know that children are safely engaged somewhere near. Many ships have painting, and scrap booking workshops and small kids’ labs to conduct interesting experiments. Lectures are delivered on science and other related subjects by experts in an interesting manner. Then there i rock climbing, ice skating, swimming etc. Studious children can sit in the reading rooms or book libraries of the cruise and spend time with Harry Potter or Frodo. Reading is my favorite time pass, by the way. So I won't let the chance go to skip through the books if I ever go on a cruise vacation. Swimming pools are another attraction on a cruise. You have to pay for all these activities if you have booked a hotel. But with cruise, they come free.
One of my friends went on a cruise holiday onRoyal Caribbean, and she was all praise for the experience she had on the cruise. There is no dearth of activities for adults too. The main attractions of a cruise are its night shows, and casinos. Dance troupes, magicians and musicians perform for you night after night.