Going to Birmingham Later this Month

My association with Manchester is only through their home football team Manchester United.When ever Manchester United is playing on the home grounds, my husband has to watch the match. He will drive all the way down to Manchester from Edinburgh. Last time we dug our feet that we will also go with him. It was a weekend I wanted to spend some time away from the quiet Edinburgh, and what better way to spend it than to see the hustle-bustle of two warring football factions. We booked a cheap hotel in Manchester, my husband went to watch the match, and I and my daughter just strolled around and saw some museums( I will write more about them later).
We will be going to Birmingham this coming bank holiday.Jitender Bhaiya is posted there, and his wife is also visiting him.She is feeling lonely there. As we will be staying with them so we don't need to book hotel there, but any body can get good deals for cheap hotels in Birmingham on the internet.

Edinburgh is a nice and quite place, as compared to London. London oozes energy, where as Edinburgh has an aura of tranquility. Most of the cheap hotels in Edinburgh are located on the outskirts of the city.But that poses no problem for the tourists, because the city i very small and you can reach any part with in minutes. On the other hand you will have to really research which part of the city you want to make your base, when you are in London. There is no dearth of cheap hotels in Londontoo. But as I said, choose your place of stay with proximity to metro or locality, availability of restaurants etc.