Make Money Blogging: part 7

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I am so enjoying my days a blogger. I do what I love, that is writing, and get paid for it too. Those puritans who roll their eyes in disgust and look down upon the bloggers who make money blogging, can go to Himalayas,as if I care. Blogging has become an integral and important part of internet marketing and its better that google and the like realize it too. Any ways back to the topic of making money blogging.
I have recently joined a new paid to post blog site. This sponsored post site is called Payu2blog. I will give Payu2blog a second place after Sponsored Reviews. I have been with them for a week now. They pay after two-three weeks of completion of assignments. So I haven't got paid yet, but I couldn't care less. Payu2blog has a very good reputation in the blog advertising market, and judging by the number of posts I am getting to write each day, this reputation is well gained. They pay $5 per post, and you have to write minimum 50 words. Easy, you will say. And that's not all, you have to put only one link in the post.I like this part the best,because one link doesn't make my post look spammy or over the top advertised. But simultaneously it makes my task more difficult too. As I have to put only one link, I try to put it in a nice package, which takes me to researching on the topic and comprehensive designing of the post. I generally end up writing a 300 words post. But then again,it is good for my blog's health, right.
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