Interesting Facts about Australia

Last weekend Jitender Bhaiya came to visit us with his wife and newborn son. He narrated some interesting things about his Australian trips. He is always on the look out for unusual information on places he visits.
---Gold coast is arguably
Australia’s most popular tourist destination. There is an interesting incident that my friend narrated to me. On 1st April, The Gold Coast radio station Sea FM told the frustrated teenage listeners that the bar for drinking age had been raised to 21. There was an outcry of protests from under 21s. Of the radio station later told it's harassed listeners that it was an April fool Prank. You can find good budget hotels in Sydney.

---Manly is one of Sydney's most popular beaches. This beach got it's name after the manly physical qualities of the Aborigines.In 1978, a Millionaire Businessman of Sydney succeeded in towing a giant iceberg in to Sydney from Antarctica. His scheme was to sell small pieces of iceberg and make money. There was a lot of excitement and activity in the city, when the iceberg arrived. But it began to rain, and it was found out that the jumbo iceberg was made of plastic sheets.

---The number of sheep in Australia is 8 times its population. Meh Meh.

---Austarlia is the originator of the secret ballot box, they started using it way back in 1850s.

---There are approximately 500 national parks in Australia, because more than 90 percent people live in the coastal areas, which constitute only 2% of the whole land. So what you do with so much extra space? You turn them in to parks and sanctuaries.

---Marmalade may be a thing to eat elsewhere in the world, but in Melbourne, it is a word to call a conductor.

---Melbourne is credited with inventing the term call girl. In late 1800s the prostitutes used to meet their clients through telephone bookings.

---In Australia, University of Melbourne set the trend of accepting female students. There is no dearth of good Melbourne hotels.

---You will also find good deals in Perth hotels and Brisbane hotels.Incidentally Perth has the biggest collection of aboriginal art in the world. It is also has the largest park for public. There is no place in the world which allows aircraft landing in a business district except Perth.