Good Site for Hotel Bookings

This is one site which I use quite often to book hotels when we go on a trip. The site offers booking for cheap hotels and the prices are very reasonable.Many a times we have this notion that cheap hotels mean inadequate facilities. But that's not the case always.
The site has an advanced system through which you can search hotels not only by region, but also by name and through map search. I particularly like the map search, which is powered by google, and you can search practically any hotel in the world. The map search has another facility too. Its called route planner. You type the name of the areas you want to travel to and from and the adjoining map will create a route for you.
There are good bargains for cheap hotels at the site. You can get different last minute London hotels starting from $25. You can further narrow your search depending on your requirements. For example, apart from price range and star rating, you can search the hotels according to type of accommodation and facilities provided.