I Will Never Forget my First Day In Edinburgh

I remember the first day in Edinburgh. My husband had returned to office, after settling us, in the flat. The landlord had warned us that the fire alarm are very sensitive here. I somehow, didn't pay much attention to it. ( In London, there was no issue of alarm where we lived). Just like every other normal day, I started cooking meal, and lo! the alarm went off. It was shrieking so loudly that I feared that somebody might come up with a base ball bat to make us stop it. The alarm was in every room of the flat. My daughter started crying. Not knowing what to do, I grabbed her,and went out to get some help from the flat down stairs. Whoa! the door closed! We were left outside, without any footwear or warm clothes. I thought of waiting for my husband, but he would be coming at 6, and it was only 11 a.m.

I knocked on practically all the doors in the building, one fellow came out. I explained to him my situation, and requested him to lend a quilt and a pound. He looked skeptical, but may be took pity on my daughter, and gave us what I asked.

Barefoot and without any sweaters on, I stepped out side to face a chilly breeze. After asking a passerby, which bus to take for Regent Road, ( fortunately I had Landlord's address), I got on the bus. The bus went till princess street, and then it took a turn to a road,which I was not familiar with. Got down and again, asked somebody for direction. I started on foot, as the only pound I had, was gone.

Suddenly I heard somebody calling, and saw a car crawling behind me. Fear crept on me. But when I stole a glance, I saw young Asian on the driver's seat. He again called, "Bazi, do you need help?" I tried to put a brave face, and replied in negative. But he came out and then I saw a young women in the car. She too asked me, if everything was all right. I told her the story in brief. The young couple offered to drive us to the landlord's. I politely refused, but the young woman was persistent. I sat in the car and the man got out. The women drove me to the regent road, came with me to the landlord's house and waited in her car ( she wanted to come with me to meet the landlord, as I was a stranger here, but I didn't want to bother her). Luckily the landlord was at home, and he promptly got the spare keys and got ready to drive us back to our flat.

I bade the woman, goodbye. She was a Pakistani girl, I an Indian. But we found a common link of humanity between us. I later went to Leith's Walk to thank her, but couldn't find her restaurant. It's name was Kabab-e Sharif. I hope to locate it on my next visit.


  Earth 4 Energy

11 October 2008 at 02:11

Oh man, that's too funny! haha
I like your style of writing, short stories...keep up the good work!