Marriage Fitness: A New Concept

Today is the day to talk about ways to save your marriage. No no don't jump to help me save mine. I am living a blissfully happy married life. But there are many many people out there who are facing problems in their marriage. Some plunge into depression, some try to solve the matter through marriage councellors,and others simply give up trying to mend things and solve their marriage problems.
Marriage fitness is a program which stresses the need to follow certain marriage laws for maintaining and saving your Marriage. Marriage fitness is run by Mort Fertel.I did a search on him and this guy has got great credentials. He is the author of Marriage Fitness: 4 Steps to Building & Maintaining Phenomenal Love,and has been featured on various TV channels including Fox News Network,ABC, CBS and NBC.His marriage Help sessions cost you money but his e-zine seven steps to a successful marriage is free and thousands of people are its subscribers. More over he offers free marriage assessment to help you understand where you need to work to make your marriage strong. Mortel argues that communication skills or conflict-resolution should not be overduely highlighted. There are habits that one need to develop to make a strong marriage. He stresses that even one partner can be successful in saving the marriage, if they apply these laws of this marriage therapy.


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20 August 2008 at 19:23

Mortel might be right in that some marriages can be saved with just one partner working at it. The problem is that often times the other partner is looking for an "out" in the marriage, so they get lazy and have affairs.

As far as the assessment goes, it would be interesting to see what he comes up with.