Another Run of the Mill, Make Money Program? I Don't Think So

I learned about a new affiliate site on bloggeries forum. Its called Moreniche. I have joined a few affiliate programs earlier too, but I never wrote about them. Then what's so special about Moreniche? Simple, It worked for me. I haven't had any luck with sales on other affiliate programs, so there was no use writing about them. I have not sold a single banner at Moreniche
too, but I have got a bonus of $25 ( 10+15=twice). And I joined them a week ago! May be its some kind of a gimmick and I am not sure whether I will be paid ( the pay out is at $100 and through check), but it feels good to look at the $25 sitting on my dashboard ;). The site has skin care, weight loss, adult and make money ads to put on your blogs or sites. You don't have to wait for approval, get straight away access once you fill the form.
You can also make some bucks by participating in their forum.I got a mail from them this morning regarding that. But I haven't tried this yet.
So if you feel like trying a new site, have a go at Moreniche, I will keep you updated about the payment( if I get paid, that is; Ha ha ha ha)