Beautiful Wordpress Themes Converted into Blogger, Blogspot

Most of the bloggers would agree that wordpress is far better than blogger when it comes to sleek and professional looking templates. I myself is a fan of wordpress, but I use blogger because I started blogging here as a newbie blogger and now I have become used to it. But I am always experimenting with my blogs' designs and templates and in the process I found some cool and beautiful wordpress themes converted into blogger templates. Many of them I used on my blogs at different times. In addition to the following templates, I have written about two more templates.
Here is a list of my favorite wordpress themes converted into blogger/blogspot templates.

1. Digg 3 column by small potato: Once I used this theme on all of my blogs, including my wordpress blog. this theme is simply beautiful. But one fine day I woke up to find out that there is some graphics splashed all over the blog. I think the photobucket where the images were stored had some problems. I edited the template and removed all the image links and it turned out fine. So if you face such a problem with this theme, all you have to do is delete the image links on the html. But do it at your own risk because I can't recall which links I removed, so I can't tell you exactly which ones you have to edit. The theme is worth the trouble. I had a lot of trouble myself finding this theme. But as I said, it was worthwhile. Have a look at the the demo here.The original theme is by Small Potato and it has been converted to blogger by Bloggers Plaza and you can download it HERE

2. Blue wave: This theme is currently running on my Movie Blog. I think I have an obsession with the color blue. But you will see that this theme is so sleek and professional, you simply can't avoid falling in love with it. You can download it HERE.

3. Misty Look: Created by Sadish Bala for wordpress, Misty Look has been modified into blogspot by blogcrowds. Download Misty look HERE

4. Aspire: I like the brown rusty and magic roll feel of this template. I used Aspire for a long time on this blog. The original wordpress theme is designed by infocreek and later converted into blogger two and three column templates. You can see demo and download Aspire HERE

5.Minyx 2.0: I use Minyx on my make money blog. It is a good theme if you want to add a lot of ads or affiliate links on your blog. The side bar gives you complete freedom to include wide ( 468x60) and small ( 125x125 or 180x150)ads. The designer of Minyx wordpress theme is Mauricio Caballero and I think it has been converted into blogger by Akbach. You can download Minyx HERE

6.Mqagic Paper: Another magical template which will take you to a world of wizardry, this template was designed as a movable type template by Simone Plebani. The original template has two columns and it has been converted into three columns blogger theme by Blog Crowds. You can see the demo here and download it HERE.

6. Peaceful Rush: Another nice creation by small potato. Peaceful Rush has been converted into blogger by BlogCrowds. You can download it here.

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  Dean Saliba

20 July 2008 at 17:54

Nice templates. Blogging-Secrets used to offer a nice one but sadly I could not find it on their site.


10 October 2008 at 23:59

Very nice templates, thanks for the reference.

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30 December 2008 at 21:05

Can you suggest me the link for 3 column or 1024 wide screen wordpress theme.

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  Premium Blog Themes

15 January 2009 at 08:31

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