Do I need a Disability Insurance?

If you had asked me this question a few days ago, my answer would have been a definite NO, why would I need a disability insurance? I am perfectly fit and there is nothing wrong with me. But yesterday I talked to my father, and this conversation changed my perspective towards disability insurance. My father is a phisician, a sugeon to be more precise. He told me that he is thinking of hanging his surgical gloves nex year, menaning he is going to retire. I was not much delighted by the news. I know why he wants to retire. So that he can peacefully devote time to his social reform activities. I tried to talk him out of the decision, saying that what he is doing now is also a social service. A doctor is next to God for a patient and his family. But he just won't listen. Then I made my most effective argument, how is he going to support himself and my mother for the rest of their lives ( He is only 58). And pat came the reply. I have disability insurance. Obviously I had never heard of such insurance, so I checked it and found some interesting and useful information. Physician disabilty insurance is for the doctors who are no longer able to perform their duties. I read a lot about other disability insurance too and I am seriously thinking of getting myself one.



8 August 2008 at 14:22

nice information i also did not knew it existed.