Jatland.com: An Online Community for Jats

I signed up on Jatland last year when I was in London. The site says

The site is dedicated to providing Jats around the world a place to interact and expand the community spirit. Jatland is THE site for Jats!

. It has over ten thousand members. I have not been very active on jatland. Last month I posted a link to one of my posts regarding making money through blogging. The overall response was good,but a jatlander quipped that such type of free money can never be useful and a person will pay dearly if make make through such ungodly means( blogging.....???). I was agitated by these baseless blames and I responded. But even after that, I was perturbed by this person’s unrelated and biased views. My brother, who is also a Jatlander consoled me saying that you will find such miscreants in every forum. Don’t take to heart what is being said here, after all these are virtual forums, which have no bearing on your real life. ( I don’t agree, the cases of suicides and sex crimes through such social networking sites are now becoming a reality……but that’s for another day). He advised me to ignore this person. I couldn’t do that, so I simply abandoned the thread.
Later I took to reading what was being posted on various jatland forums. There are various forums on jatland such as: careers, social responsibility, education, current affairs,time pass, jat history,sports, health & fitness etc. There is an online chat room also,which is called Chaupal. I think the most used forums are chaupal, time pass and general discussion. What I have witnessed on jatland, has confirmed my belief that jat males are very rude and totally unrespectful towards ladies. There are exceptions though. Jitender hooda always tries to diffuse volcanic conversations with humor and wise talk. Whereas Navin Gulia is an epitome of inspiration for those who want to do something for the society. Others like Jagbir Rathee and Anoop Lathar occasionally share their efforts to promote jat culture. These are the people who devote their time in real ground work. Whereas others just while away their time seeking to create controversies and always looking for opportunities to let others down.
Most of the active members are jats of Haryana who have migrated to foreign shores in search of better career opportunities.