Tips for Renting a Car

I have learned through my experience that when you go on a trip abroad, the best option for transport is to rent a car. Its very convenient and you are saved from the hassles of catching a train or bus or ferry on time. Vacations are to be enjoyed and renting a car gives you the freedom to move around on your on leisurely speed. Here are some tips for renting cars:
- If you are traveling with family, then you need a big vehicle, look for child seat in the car.
-Make sure the car has GPS, it will help you navigate through the unfamiliar roads of a new city.
- Read all the term and conditions carefully and, if possible, check with the company on the restrictions.
-Ask them if you will have to pay full, half or a percentage of the booked amount if you are unable to rent the car.
-Enquire about discounts on frequent flier miles or any other programs.
- If you are a frequent traveler, join a loyalty program of the car rental company that you most often use.
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