12 Interesting Facts about Germany

  1. Hitler, the Nazi headmaster, was not a German. He was an Austrian.
  2. If you say "Gesundheit" to a person for the 3rd time in a row, then their next child will be a girl.
  3. There is a ritual called 'Kehrwache', which means that Germans clean the staircase in their building once a week.
  4. Most of the world famous music composers such as Beethoven, Bach, Staruss and philosophers such as Karl Marx, Kant, Nietzsche were all German.
  5. A few firsts in the world credited to Germans: Germans invented clarinet, LCD screen, motorcycle, Walkman etc. MP3 is a German invention.Germany made the first motorway in the world.
  6. German ancestry can be found in the lineage of 80% of the world's English speaking population.
  7. About six million people in Germany, who are fifteen or above, don't know how to read and write.
  8. German sports brand Adidas got the name from its owner Adi Dassler.
  9. Weihenstephaner,the world's oldest running brewery, is in Germany.
  10. Berlin zoo is host to maximum number of species of animals.
  11. The German Football Association’ is the largest association of its kind in the world.
  12. The tallest church in the world, Ulm Cathedral, is in Germany. It is 161.53 meters (530 feet) high.
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