I Found a New Blog Platform

When I was blocked from my wordpress blog, I was very upset. I liked the interactive platform of wordress, which is totally missing at blogger. Recently I got to know of a new blog service, its called Thoughts.com. The site provides a Free Blog,various forums and surveys. Mind you, the surveys are not the typical paid-to-fill variety. Basically these are polls conducted by bloggers who are members of this site. You ask a question and others give opinions.
I am amazed to see how active site forums are here. Log in any time of the day and you will find at least a thousand users viewing different forums (including guests). I like to follow conversations, though I am not big at making conversations. I haven't yet posted anything on my blog there, but I think I will be using the forums more often.
When writing a post, you can set the viewing option to everyone, friends & me, or only me. That's a good inclusion, because many would like a post to be a personal dairy and share other posts with every one. Blogger doesn't have this option. Wordpress too has it, but you have to set the whole blog at either for public or private mode. You don't have this option for every post at wordpress.
Thoughts.com doesn't have ads. I don't know how they monetize their site. Moreover they have a lucrative deal for bloggers. The most active blogger who gets the most stars (through rating) from fellow bloggers, gets to win the annual Thoughts.com Vacation Getaway.
One thing that needs to be upgraded is the template design. A blogger can't choose or upload the template that he likes. In this area, blogspot has the maximum freedom, wordpress too offer good templates, but they free version (wordpress.com) has limited choice.
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