A Christine Dior for my Daughter

My husband hit a jackpot today and that too unknowingly. He had taken our daughter to the park near our old flat. There is a Bethany shop there. My husband is in a habit of rummaging through the stuff there and always buys things which we don't need. His excuse: They were so cheap. As a result, I have a collection of children books, video cassettes, shoes and suitcases of all sizes.
Last weekend was no different. This time my daughter came home and the first thing she said was," Mamma, look at my necklace". I was a little annoyed. I know that after playing with the necklace for some time, Ananya won't wear it and throw it in her toy bag. I was chastising my husband for wasting £4 when I saw the insingina. It was a Christine Dior necklace! Naturally I couldn't believe my eyes. Then I turned the necklace around and saw another Chritine Dior mark. I don't know whether it is a real or fake, but the necklace is adorning my neck now a days.