Shameless Blog Promotion

Okay so you are going to beat me for stealing the title of my post from blogcatalog. Do I care? Well, yes, but that's the only title I could think of for this post. You might have noticed a link list under the blog description. These are my blogs.
Crafty Thinkings of an Uncrafty Person: My craft blog.( Though lately I have not been able to post anything related to crafts). Now I write about parenting issues and rasining kids. I have a two and a half year old daughter and what I write in that blog, generally concerns my experiences and interactions with her. You will find tips to teach kids reading, color recogition and keeping kids busy.
Movies are Opium of the Masses
: This blog is dedicated to movies and celebrities. I am a biiiiiiiiiig movie fan. Most of the times I like romantic movies, but action and comedy are also my favorites. I lkie Pretty Women, Die Hard-1, Alien, You have Got mail, High School Musical and every movie in which Errol Flynn was the hero.
Writers' Paradise: I initially conceptualised this site as a revenue sharing content website, but later get cold feet. You have to invest so much of time and effort in establishing a good content site. I haven't yet gathered that much experience, but eventually I will like to start a site which will be on the lines of helium or associated content. For now, I have turned writers' Paradise into a blog, where I share beauty tips, pet advice and some insights in my personal life.
Reviews: This blog contains musings on all the stuff that I discover on internet and outside it. If I find new sites, new places, new products that are worth mentioning then I write a short review on Reviews.
Delhi Travel: This blog is still in nascent stage. Eventually it is going to be an all inclusive directory of everything related to Delhi.


  Zara @ UK Dating

24 January 2009 at 09:56

Wow you have so many blogs!! I struggle to keep my one up to date.