I am afraid to do PhD

My husband is after me to apply for research scholarship. I am not too keen on that as I already have enough academic problems at hand, without the added burden of searching for the topic, looking for guides and then typing thousands of paper for dissertations. I have seen many of my friends go through all the minor and major corrections before their dissertation is finally approved. You have to type, submit, retype, resubmit your dissertation countless number of times. Sometimes a guide ( who is unhappy with you for whatever reason), picks each and every mistake of comma and punctuation, merely to harass you. That's the worst phase of the research, when you know that its finally over and yet its not over.
Yesterday my husband told me that there is one way out. You can take professional dissertation help.There are many online firms that provide you with help from the people who are well experienced and qualified to help you draft and edit your dissertation. That's cool. If, and that's still a big IF, I decide on doing PhD I know where to go for help.