Make money From Social Bookmarking Sites

There are virtually hundreds of sites that share adsense revenue with you if you become their member. Most of them require you to write articles or pots or blogs. I don't quite endorse such sites. If I have to work to create good content, then I would put it on my own blog where all the revenue generated through clicks will be mine. Why should I create content for others and get paid in pennies?
Today I present before you, a comprehensive list of revenue sharing social bookmarking sites. You get double benefit by placing links to your post on these social bookmarking sites; you get traffic and money too:) You just add links on these sites, put your adsense code in your profile page and these social bookmarking sites will share a cut of adsense earnings with you. You may want to add a custom channel in your google adsense account as the concerned bookmarking site's name, you will get a custom channel ID which you should put in your bookmarking profile. This will help you track your earning on a particular social bookmarking site.

1.Blogsvine:It is a new social bookmarking site which has grown very fast. Beside adsense revenue sharing, this site also rewards its most active users by putting their ads on the top of its pages.

2.Indianpad: Takes ages to load page. Sometimes I just give up. I included it in the list because it has an added advantage beside adsense. You can place your ad on your post for free here. There is an link on your profile page where you are given the option of displaying free ( only on your story links) and paid ads ( on the top of the site).

3.Digg and Stumble Upon: Don't be shocked. I have explained all the details in this post about how to make money from digg and stumble upon through subvert and profit.

4.Plugim: This is an ad revenue sharing bookmarking site with a difference.You can submit your blog's rss feed here, and if approved, your posts will appear automatically, without you taking the trouble to manually submit each time you make a post. But the catch is that this social bookmarking site is for internet marketing only. So if you have tips to make maney online then they will gladly accept the feed.

5.BestOfIndya: Another Indian bookmarking site that share adsense revenue.

6.Newsvine: Its a no nonsense news based social site. So you better check the worth of your story before posting here. You may be debarred if you are using newsvine to promote your own site or services. I know this for a fact, because my account has been suspended;)

7.Indianbytes: Yet another Indian bookmarking site. They have recently introduced adsense revenue sharing. You can add your adsense publisher ID in your profile.

8. Infopirate:Their slogan is Share Bookmarks - Make Money. I haven't yet started submitting bookmarks here.
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