AmOne: A Review

This is a review of loan distributing company AMONE. The company has expertise in providing unsecured loans. Lets first understand what is an unsecured loan.
Most of the landing institutions such as banks, require some sort of guarantee, on part of the borrower, that he will be able to return the loan. If you have a property, it will be held as a security against our loan. If you fail to pay up the loan, the lending institution is entitled to acquire the collateral given by the borrower.
In case of unsecured loans, the lending institution is at greater risk, because it can't fall back back on a collateral in case of non-remittance of the loan by the borrower.
If you want a quick loan, and don't have time to go through the muddle of a lot of paperwork, then you should go for unsecured loan. And here comes www.amone.com. The site claims to arrange unsecured loans for you within a day. They say that it takes only a few minutes in the pre-qualification process. As I said earlier, as unsecured loans don't involve hefty paper work, this claim isn't too hard to believe.Amone.com offers unsecured loans in personal, small business, and start up business category.