Get Real Estate Education Online

Today I am going to write a review about an online real estate education site, which is called Nouveau Riche. The name struck me very off beat for an online education site. We generally come across XYZ real estate online course or something similar. On second thoughts, the name befits the site. After all real estate business is all about making profits by riding on the booming real estate market. And Nouveau Riche teaches you how to hone your skills for a business in real estate. The site has course capsules both for the established a well as budding entrepreneurs.

Sometimes we feel the need to brush up our knowledge or keep up with the trends in the industry. But our business commitments and time constraints don’t allow us to physically attend the class.
A quick peek into the courses provided by the Nouveau Riche University:

Bookkeeping: The students are taught the basics of bookkeeping through quickbook software. They have to download the software. Here they learn how to keep track of the various transactions.

Building your team: This course teaches different ways of building a good working team to make a flourishing real estate business.

Landlording: This capsule runs for six hours and tells you different plans to make the most out of your rental property.

Computer Property Analysis: Students get to learn how to use internet to their advantage in building a solid and successful real estate business.

These are just a few of the courses; more than forty courses are available which you can enroll, according to your requirement.